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Fragment of a discussion from User talk:PeterL/LQT
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I've never written these sort of things down, but once in a thought experiment gone crazy I got from a candle-powered hot air balloon to a militarily undefeatable pariah state that nevertheless only controlled the territory of a few residential suburbs...

Peter horas non numero nisi serenas02:35, 10 March 2012

My mom got me St. John's Wort, but I looked it up (and what I mean by that is I went to the RationalWiki search bar and typed in "St. John's Wort") and it doesn't seem to be effective. :( Also, in my fictional universe, there are plant people and giant tentacled cantaur-ish spider-like militaristic, logical beasts that are trying to conquer the known universe for no particular reason.


i rarely actually write them down, and what i do is ussualy just put into png world maps i stole from commons. once, in a map i started about the time i got my desktop, i did an alternate history WW2 that ended with the US falling into a fascist state after defeating the soviets, and when i had to backup stuff so i could wipe my harddrive, i saved the map but not the spreadsheet with the events on it. needless to say i was annoyed

il'Dictator Mikal02:43, 10 March 2012