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Tristan Barker (born 1994) is a New Zealand-born Australian-based amateur comedian, internet troll, social critic and activist for freedom of speech. As of 2015, he has nearly 250,000 followers on Facebook.

More evil than Aleister Crowley[edit]

Barker gained the title of the most evil young man in the world by the Australian media and police in 2013 after a series of YouTube videos he had made over the past year, where he criticized Western society for being too susceptible to media manipulation and for other actions[1]. He highlighted the rape and murder of Jill Meagher, and how society only seems to mourn people whom the media tells them to. He also claimed that no one "should give a f***" about the victims of the 2012 Aurora shooting because they would be practicing hypocrisy, as they wouldn't care if the media hadn't made them induce sympathetic thoughts. He shared similar sentiments with fellow YouTube user The Amazing Atheist in regards to the suicide of Canadian teen Amanda ToddWikipedia's W.svg, where he claimed she deserved it for being "slutty and attention seeking". But later in the same video he tells fans to talk to the outcasts. Barker also has attacked celebrities, namely Australian pop group The JanoskiansWikipedia's W.svg and "rap musicians" 360Wikipedia's W.svg and Nicki MinajWikipedia's W.svg. His justification for such was because of their promotion of mediocrity, and posted an abusive post on Minaj's Facebook page which gauged over a million likes[2]. During the time of the protests against the Innocence Of Muslims film, he urged his online followers to prank Muslim families in their localities, to send packages of bacon to their homes, and to troll Islamic Facebook pages which endorsed the protests. Barker also does not act alone, but is the leader of an online comic collective known as FaceBeef, which also features his two friends, Lewis Spears (who goes under the pseudonym Nebz Adlay), Ricky Russell and two other young individuals. Spears came to the defense of Barker and FaceBeef in an interview held after Barker's exposure, and claimed that the group's message had been greatly misunderstood by older generations unfamiliar with technology, and that socially conscious internet comics were the new "punk rockers" of this generation.[3]

Actions outside the Internet[edit]

Barker later had a confrontation with members of the Australian tabloid media outside his New Zealand home where he justified his actions, while dressed as Adolf Hitler[4]. Barker was later charged with assaulting a television reporter during that confrontation[5]. In response to the criticism the media made of him, Barker claimed that he is "not attached to any strings" and wants to foster critical thought amongst the unenlightened masses of society. He also claims to be critical of anyone who conforms to a capitalistic mindset, and who cannot see the prison they are living in. In September 2013, Tristan Barker was convicted of the assault of the reporter and fined $500[6].

Despite both identifying as straight, Barker and Lewis Spears made history by becoming New Zealand's first ever same sex partnership to be married[7], deliberately on the twelfth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Musical endeavors[edit]

Barker is also the lead vocalist and guitarist for his band, Spirit Bomb. His father, Michael Barker, is the former drummer of band Split Enz. Surprisingly enough, Mr. Barker has strongly endorsed his son's actions[8]. Tristan has also performed in the past with his father.

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