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User:Cosmikdebris/Editor's Guide

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  • Assume good will. Not everyone is a vandal or troll.
  • Don't make outrageous or controversial claims or statements in articles, unless you back them up with credible references.
  • When examining existing articles, or creating new ones, consult the manual of style. It's very good.
  • All kinds of boxes and widgets are found on the template list.
  • Subtle snark is good. Too much snark makes the article look stupid.
  • If referencing a book, include its ISBN numberWikipedia in the reference. The wiki software automagically creates a nifty search link.[1]
  • Use the {{rp}} template[note 1] in conjunction with a reference name to reference a specific page in a book.[1]:32
  • Separate notes from references.[note 2] There is also a nifty template that does this.[note 3]
  • If a single reference applies to more than one part of an article, group them together.[1]
  • If totally lost, look for all the pages in the Help namespace.
  • If an external link in an article has gone 404, check to see if it's been archived on archive.org or archive.is.
  • Fragile links are nicely encapsulated using the archive template.[2]
  • When considering articles for deletion, always check to see what links to them to get an idea what the impact might be.
  • Don't vandal-bin nasty BONs, instead, apply the banhammer gracefully.
  • Remember to patrol spam pages before vaporizing or moving, so that they don't clog up the list of un-patrolled recent changes.
  • Censor content as appropriate. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  1. See Template:Rp.
  2. Like this, see?
  3. See Template:Efn.


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