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I have an account on wikipedia called Apidium23 and I love to refute creationist claims and make fun of them. I believe that science should be accepted through out the world and call the abrahamic god Magic-Man. Debunking creation "science", Top 7 important claims, number 1 if we evolved from monkeys why are there still monkeys responce monkeys and humans share a common ancestor 25 mya, number 2 aging is caused by photons from the sun, responce aging is caused by the lost of DNA when you age, Number 3 how come the colorado river goes uphill rivers don't do that, responce geological uplift you should of learned this in elementary school, Number 4 archeoteryx is just a bird, responce there are a number of reptilian features in archeopteryx such as teeth and open nasal cavities, Number 5 the flood caused the strata, responce potholer 54 did an experiment wth rocks dirt and water and found only one huge layer what a coincedence, Number 6 there are no transitional fossils, responce I will give a list of transitionals archeopteryx, homo erectus, thrinaxodon, tiktaalik, and many more, Number 7, They found dinosaur footprints with human footprints, responce human carvings. This is a scientific yet hilarious wiki.