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DiamondDisc1 is a awesome and intelligent RW user/moderator who is probably a friendly person to be around. His/her user page formatting is the bestest ever.[citation NOT needed] He/she totally has a social life, after all he/she's editing RW. Nope.


DiamondDisc1 joined RW on May 16, 2016, and immediately began spamming the recent changes. DD1 somehow managed to get elected moderator after only being at RW for 6 months (albeit barely). Unlike other moderators, DD1 has managed to avoid being deluged with hate once every two months. The previous statement is currently inaccurate.


  • Is an atheist
  • Conservapedia's only use is for humor
  • Both U.S. presidential candidates suck
  • Racism is evil
  • Sexism sucks
  • Anyone but Trump 2016, if I had to choose..
  • Vaccines do not cause autism

Running Gags[edit]

  • Always using correct grammar.
  • Making userboxen
  • Creating random drafts just for the heck of it
  • Creating socks
  • ...
  • Forgetting I have a sandbox
  • Occasionally speaking Español[Deportation definitely needed] - President Donald J. Trump
  • Getting accused of making socks
  • Enjoying high speed rail.
  • Being accused of being a sock
  • Getting bored
  • Making fun pages
  • Making bad jokes
  • People plagarizing his/her stuff
  • Not f****** swearing
  • Not finishing drafts
  • People not realizing he/she is joking
  • Using an editcount booster for no reason
  • Disappearing on random days