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Information icon.svg Please try to resolve conflicts directly through discussion on other editor's talk pages before reporting them. Notice that one of the three voting options is a "warning" -- unless you're asking for someone to be banned, topic banned, vandalbinned, or stripped of their rights, it's better to just talk to them rather than try to drag their name through the mud.

If the issue is not conflict resolution, but concerns RationalWiki policies, suggested changes to how things work around here, or similar matters of principle, please post on the Community Standards talk page instead.

Please fill out all three fields below:

  1. User: Who the user(s) who did the bad thing is/are. Defaults to "No user specified".
  2. Problem: Why you're bringing this to the coop.
  3. Sanction: What you want done. Please specify an expiry date for any sanctions suggested.

Do not fill out the "subject/headline" field.

Finally, use {{CoopNotice}} to inform the user in question, so that they have a chance to discuss their actions here.

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