Internet transphobia bingo

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"Hi, Billy Mays here with the Internet Transphobia bingo!"
Inspired by various posts from 4chan, Reddit and Twitter. Mark them off as you see them anywhere online
Rockford the Roe/Internet transphobia bingo
41% Connections to autism "They'll use your real name when you're dead" Skeleton structures "You hate your body"
Cherry-picked pictures of non-passing MtFs Portrayed as a woman with hyper-masculine features and bulges Ignores FtMs "I'm not mad, I just find them amusing!" "Women don't want to be associated with you"
Genital mutilation "trap" Attack Helicopter


Transracial/transaged/transabled/etc. "They harassed my family member!"
>greentext story "You will never be a woman" "You're just a femboy" "it" [Strawman Pronoun]/[Strawman Pronoun]self
"What about genital preferences???!!!11" Hospitals admitting with deadnames "Being trans is a black thing, you racist!" Iran Thinks you constantly fall for Pink Capitalism
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