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No Nut November (commonly abbreviated online as NNN) is a self-imposed challenge to not masturbate throughout the entire month of November. It is a less serious version of NoFap with the challengers often joke about obtaining "superpowers" such as telepathy and other supernatural powers.

The (de facto) rules of the challenge[edit]

There are no officially set rules upon the challenge and they often vary, but the generally agreed-upon rules are:

  • do not willingly ejaculate throughout the entire month of November
  • wet dreams are allowed as long as they aren't lucid
  • do not post porn with the intent to make others lose the challenge.

It is often debated if you are allowed to edge (peaking the orgasm before ejaculating) with some variations outright banning it, but it's generally looked down upon.

Why would anyone do this?[edit]

Inspired by NoFap, No Nutters believe that it is a step to "treating" supposed "porn addictions", While some other men do it for the fun of a challenge and to unload a big one on December 1st, but mostly, it's for the memes.

List of scientifically proven health benefits in completing the challenge[edit]

Two tumbleweeds rolling across the screen, from left to right.

See also[edit]

Externel Links[edit]

/r/nonutnovember, the biggest hub for the challenge