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A guy from Polandball who was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, but his faith was irreversibly shaken when confronted with evidence for common descent and against the global flood.

As you can see in the boxbar on the right, I am radically leftist by U.S. standards. However, I have some opinions which are rather unpopular on the left. For instance, I am not particularly opposed to big business as long as it is behaving responsibly, which is too much for some.

I visited Chernobyl and Pripyat in the summer of 2011.


  • Agenda - what I think about various subjects.
  • To-do list - things to write about on RW

Work in progress:

Stuff worth seeing[edit]

  • Sustainable Energy - without hot air - excellent online book on global warming mitigation.
  • Our Friend the Atom - Disney feature from 1957 about nuclear energy. While near the end it is obvious that it's a product of its time, it has a lot of basic information conveyed with excellent visual aids.

List of articles[edit]

I write mainly about nuclear power, genetic modification and environmentalism. Sometimes I delve into religion.

Articles I created:

Articles I substantially improved:

This is an older polemic with the anti-nuclear movement which formed the basis of the FAQ on radioactivity and nuclear technology:

Random cat picture[edit]