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Me, in all my glorious magicalness

Hello(.jpg) rationalwiki. My Name is Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd. You may know me ass that dumbfuck who can't figure out how to his sigs, but I am more than that. I am a wiki editor with many months of experiance working for wikis and althogugh there are some things I am still rusty on, I promise you that I will bring great things to this wiki, and help the wiki a lot./

Who am I?[edit]


I first came here, to rationalwiki, because I needed a place to sandbox, and create stuff for ED, even though ED has pertty much locked me out at this point. When I was at ED, I did write this article on, so if that gives me a few brownie points with you guys than ok. I was a mod on ED for all of 4 days before one of the big shots in power decided to take that away from me. I kinda flipped out a little from there, and U don't know if I have fully recovered from that, but hey, you gotta move on to move forward.

I also have a blog, which I need to update more frequently