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Noah is a Hollywood reboot of the Noah story by produced by the atheist director, Darren Aronofsky.

Most westerners will be familiar with the Noah flood story - an evil super-being (or alien - it depends on the story) called "God" attempts to kill all human life on the planet Earth by floods. However God is thwarted by a master zoo keeper and engineer called Noah who persuades pairs of animals to build an "Ark" which floats around the globe like a giant taxi before dropping off the animals in the areas where they will later live. The kangaroos are dropped in Australia, the polar bears in the Arctic and the dinosaurs and unicorns in Atlantis.

The new story however significantly alters this original version.

Such reworking of popular historical myths has been a Hollywood staple for many years. For example reedited versions of The Iliad and The Odyssey have provided source material for a large number of motion pictures, and the Noah reboot continues the same tradition.

Objections by hardcore fans of the original version[edit]

When any important work of fiction is brought to the silver screen, hardcore fans almost always complain that the screen version does not do the original story justice, or that the film version has altered the facts. For instance, film versions of the Lord of the Rings were heavily criticized. [1]

The hardcore Biblical fans - called "fundies" - (AKA Fundamentalist Christians and creationists) have criticized the film for simplifying and changing the thrust of the original story in Genesis.[2][3][4][5][6]

Islamic fans of the original story regard the new version to be so seriously non-canon that they have have arranged for it to be banned for its depiction of the game character "Noah". In their particular version of the genre he is a "prophet" - a kind of religious superhero - and they take great exception the liberties which have been taken with the charecter.[7]

Another book character who has simply been written out of the new version is "God"; probably because it was felt that such an unbelievable and callous villain would not strike a chord with modern audiences.

Fans are also upset by the introduction of "the Watchers", a particularly non-canonical element in the new version. These are giant rock creatures who help Noah to build the Ark.

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