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Wake Up 2 The Lies was an ungrammatically-titled Australian website which preached conspiracy theories, mainly about the New World Order and the idea that global warming is a hoax being used to usher in a global government run by the United Nations. To some extent, it also preached libertarianism. It was run by a conspiracy theorist known only as 'Adam'.

The website claimed to not be aligned to any particular political party or philosophy, and Adam denied being a conservative, yet certainly seemed it. Adam was hellbent on 'exposing' the evils of the then-Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her scheme to bring the New World Order's agenda to Australia, transform it into a totalitarian green socialist police state with carbon cops doing her bidding, and to round us all up into the Australian FEMA concentration camps equivalents if we refused to comply with the Illuminati agenda! Obviously, Adam espoused strong climate denialist views and was critical of the intentions of Australian Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery, Al Gore and the Australian Greens, over their alleged allegiance to the New World Order. Unlike many wingnut conspiracy theorists, Adam did not claim to be religious and certainly wasn't at all arrogant or condescending; in fact, he stated on his website that he didn't care if individuals disagreed with his claims.

Adam's anti-New World Order, anti-green preaching got him nowhere. In early 2013, his site was removed from the Internet. However, his Youtube channel remains accessible.

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