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William Finlay aka Wild Bill for America (also coined Mild Phil by TheAmazingAtheist) and more realistically Wild Bullshit for America is a Daytona Beach, Florida based conservative YouTube vlogger, "America's leading liberalologist" (self proclaimed) and technically a professional bullshitter. He's a supporter of the Tea Party movement; Wild Bill's far-right political views are very much typical of the classic teabagger and Worldnetdaily reader. Some of his views and positions include but are not limited to Obama derangement syndrome, the fundamentalist view of the U.S being founded as a Christian nation, pro-war stances along with the unconditional support for Israel, creationism, anti-science, extreme homophobia, racist, Islamophobic, gun nuttery and sexism. He often engages in denialism and historical revisionism in his videos, yet somehow his many followers seem to take his word for it. Unsurprisingly, as a white heterosexual Tea Partier living in communist America in an increasingly Atheistic, Sharia-dominated, politically correct Muslim-wife-beating, radical feminist, trigger-happy, liberal, gun controlling society under Barack Obama he puts forth the idea that he is part of a threatened minority being lied to by the liberal media. So his views may not be very true to America, but he does at least get the "wild" part right.

He also wants to establish the bible(doesn't specify which one) as a textbook in school. This would be a violation of both freedom of religion as students would be exposed to a religion not of their choice and separation of church and state as government money would be used to implement this.

According to his website, Finlay served in the Marines before going into law enforcement. He has also claimed to have been a missionary in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and West Africa, implying that he has actually been outside the United States. [1] This should all be taken with a grain of salt however as the same page also says "Bill continues his policy of speaking the truth boldly".

He is personally associated with some well known wingnuts such as Terry Jones, Dinesh D'Souza and James Manning.