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Young Cons

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The Young Conspies Conservatives, affectionately called Young Cons by their mothers fans, are a totally badass rap duo that took the US by storm with its unique blend of funky beats and right-wing rhetoric. Its main members are "Stiltz" and "Serious C," both college students at Dartmouth, but since its humble beginnings, the group's posse expanded to include a black guy, a breakdancer, and a cardboard cutout of Ronald Reagan.

Initially only a YouTube phenomenon, the group gained widened exposure due to a live appearance on Fox News,[1] as well as a spot in the "Xtreme Politically Active Conservatives" rap lineup at CPAC 2010.[2]

Muzakal Style[edit]

So far, the Young Cons have released approximately fourteen songs via their YouTube channel.[3] It's hard to tell exactly, because they all sound somewhat alike, featuring a masterful synthesis of canned beats, witty lyrics laden with profound political insights, Reagan soundbites and psychedelic visual effects. They've also brought a refreshing new angle to rapper's gear, usually donning cheap shirts, suit jackets and, occasionally, neckties - something that's never been tried before.

Critical reaction[edit]

The Young Cons received enthusiastic endorsements from noted music critics Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin.[4] They command almost universal respect for conclusively proving that there is no such thing as someone who's too white to be a rapper.

By 2012, they were largely forgotten.