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Yuriko Koike

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Yuriko Koike.

Yuriko Koike (小池 百合子) (1952-) is a Japanese nationalist, right-wing liberal and populist politician who serves as the governor of Tokyo.

1989, Television Tokyo's program World Business Satellite first caster.

She is anti-Korean, anti-Chinese, has a tendency to revise the Constitution, build up military power, and has historical revisionist inclinations.

In part, she is more far-right than Shinzō Abe[note 1], as he has been on the platform of alt-right and Netto-uyoku group Zaitokukai.[1]

This woman's political inclination is Geert Wilders of Japan. Because it's a far-right nationalist[2], like Abe, but at the same time it's more liberal than conservative on issues that are not directly related to nationalism.

It may sound really ironic, she is feminist. More ironic is that she denies coercion of comfort women. So the Japanese left-wing sociologist representative and radical feminist Ueno Chizuko is not to admit that she's feminist.

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  1. Abe is also a far-right nationalist, but he is basically a traditional ultra-conservative. That's why the Abe creed differs from the Western version alt-lite, but Yuriko Koike is very much like the Western version alt-lite.