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Difference between revisions of "Conservapedia:Gang of Four"

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(Added link to Wikipedia RfA for Ed Poor.)
(Current Gang of Four: no evidence RfA has failed - it's still being discussed.)
Line 11: Line 11:
*'''{{c|Sysops/Karajou|Karajou}}''' (aka Kookoojoo, Kangaroo, Koward)
*'''{{c|Sysops/Karajou|Karajou}}''' (aka Kookoojoo, Kangaroo, Koward)
*'''{{c|Sysops/Ed Poor|Ed Poor}}''' (aka My-[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Ed_Poor_2 Wikipedia-RfA]-failed-'cause-I-hate-queers<ref>[http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=Talk:Examples_of_Bias_in_Wikipedia&diff=315534&oldid=315529 Conservapedia diff]</ref>)
*'''{{c|Sysops/Ed Poor|Ed Poor}}'''  
*'''{{c|Sysops/Conservative|Conservative}}''' (aka Ken, Kenny, Kenservative)
*'''{{c|Sysops/Conservative|Conservative}}''' (aka Ken, Kenny, Kenservative)

Revision as of 23:04, 18 July 2008

A better Gang of Four:
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More about CP

Conservapedia, which is basically Fox News without any adult supervision, is run by a Gang of Four:

Current Gang of Four

The Gang of Four has changed with the times, and after many rounds of intrigue and shifts in the power structure, a new Gang of Four has emerged. We still see some familiar faces: our good friend Andy Schlafly, ever reliable, remains as potent a farce as ever, while others got taken out with the garbage or just got bored and left. Others are new(er). Karajou got hooked on freebasing demagoguery, and Conservative moves up for lack of anyone else kooky enough to fill the space left by RobS.

  • Karajou (aka Kookoojoo, Kangaroo, Koward)

Current lesser figures

These tyrants aren't as fascist as the Gang of Four, but they have achieved notoriety nonetheless.

Old Gang of Four

  • Andy "Man Mental" Schlafly is the universally acknowledged visible leader of CP. He has been written about elsewhere, of course. No political position is too reactionary for him, no personal viewpoint too bizarre [1], no scientific achievement too fundamental and important for him not to censor (vaccination), no scientific achievement so widely accepted, or its liberal socialist pacifist Jewish author so renowned, that Andy can't come up with ridiculous ways to criticize it (Einstein and relativity), and no abuse of his fellow man/woman too despicable for him to practice (Andy Schlafly goes nuts over Benjamin Franklin).
  • Terry "TK" Koeckritz was, prior to his banning, always at the forefront of dubious behavior. He censored an open letter from AmesG (that's right, our AmesG!) from a sysop's talk page. [1] Apparently he couldn't trust her to make her own decisions about what she should read and what should be on other people's talk pages.
TK can spin, equivocate, and dissemble with the best of them. He edited a reference to Vice President Cheney having shot Harry Whittington to say that the latter "received buck shot to the face and neck after [moving] into [Cheney's] blind spot".
  • Rob "RobS" Smith (not to be confused with the infinitely cooler Robert Smith from The Cure). We can't figure him out at all. He seems to be utterly obsessed with espionage, treachery, and Communism, and has created many pages, on both Wikipedia and Conservapedia, on spies. He recently changed his user page to do away with much of the more entertaining material, so you should definitely look at an older version like this one. The old geezer in the upper left corner is the late James Angleton, a rather paranoid CIA official whose paranoia slipped into uhhh... incredible paranoia in his later years. He, along with Joseph McCarthy, appear to be RobS's heroes (here), and never far from his thoughts. He even mentioned them in a discussion (here) of the font for the word "sodium".
If you can figure out what RobS is talking about on the rest of his user page, please check in to a mental health facility.
For other examples (there are hundreds, really) of his paranoid and utterly reactionary political views, see [2] and [3]. His obsession with Franklin D. Roosevelt is unlike anything seen since Archie Bunker and All in the Family went off the air in 1979.
  • Ed Poor. Disgraced former Wikipedian, now just a "lap dog" willing to do the bidding of those who will tolerate him. His frequent helpful advice to new Conservapedians can be summed up as:
    • Obey sysops at all times.
    • Don't revert anything by sysops.
    • Don't disagree with sysops.
    • Don't argue with sysops.
    • Don't antagonize sysops in any way.
    • Submit a writing plan.
    • If any sysop tells you to do something, do it.

Old lesser figures

There are a number of other leaders of Conservapedia who are not quite up to the standards of the Gang of Four. They include:

  • Conservative
  • Karajou
  • DanH
  • Philip J. Rayment (often called PJR in discussions here.)

and a few others. It should be noted, however, that, given the current state of backstabbing going on at CP (see Banwatch and WIGO Talk) that no-one's position is secure. In fact, there is speculation here at RW about the possibility of a palace coup ejecting even Gang of Four members, possibly even Andy himself.

The Conservapedia "Panel"

Supposedly lurking in the background is a mysterious entity known as the Conservapedia "Panel" or the Student "Panel". It is sometimes hinted that this shadow entity consists of Andy's former home-schooled students. If true, then, considering the near-mythical power that they wield, they must be on an ego trip unseen since Monica Lewinsky.

The "Panel" is generally brought up only when particularly sensitive issues need to be ruled on, as in "The Panel has decided that there will no further changes to the evolution article." This suggests that the "Panel" wields even more power than Andy. More likely, Andy simply uses them as a way of giving himself an even more grandiose aura of power than he already has.

The "Panel" never actually participates in day-to-day activities. They are summoned as though they were a Delphic oracle. It seems that only Andy has the power to communicate with the "Panel". Andy's uncanny and mysterious ability to summon the "Panel" is somewhat similar to Clark Kent's uncanny and mysterious ability to summon Superman.


  1. What???. He clearly didn't go to my public school.

Origin of the term

  • The original "Gang of Four" were a group of four leaders who were arrested for their role in the cultural revolution after Chairman Mao died.
  • The "Gang of Four" is also used in reference to the founding members (David Owen, Roy Jenkins, Shirley Williams and Bill Rogers) of the UK Social Democratic Party (SDP) who broke away from the Labour Party in 1981.
  • The equally original and even more influential "Gang of Four" were a British musical group, responsible for such classics as "Anthrax", "Damaged Goods", "At Home He Feels Like a Tourist", "I Found That Essence Rare", and "I Love a Man in a Uniform". They weren't even named after the nasty bastards mentioned above.