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(What is going on?)
(What is going on?)
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== What is going on? ==
== What is going on? ==
*Niandra's [http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=Talk:Theory_of_Evolution&curid=5941&diff=329181&oldid=329172 taking an axe] to Ken's masterpiece!  Oh [http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=Theory_of_Evolution&curid=3327&diff=329177&oldid=328032 the] [http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=Theory_of_Evolution&curid=3327&diff=329182&oldid=329177 humanity!]
*What on earth is [http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=User_talk:Aschlafly&diff=prev&oldid=329112 all] [http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=User_talk:Aschlafly&diff=next&oldid=329112 this] [http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=User_talk:Aschlafly&curid=49929&diff=329124&oldid=329123 about]? TK again demonstrates failure to understand basic Wiki markup.
*What on earth is [http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=User_talk:Aschlafly&diff=prev&oldid=329112 all] [http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=User_talk:Aschlafly&diff=next&oldid=329112 this] [http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=User_talk:Aschlafly&curid=49929&diff=329124&oldid=329123 about]? TK again demonstrates failure to understand basic Wiki markup.
*Ooooh, another university [http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=Template%3AMainpageright&diff=329067&oldid=328981 failed] at something!  Let's rejoice at people's failures!  I bet they only failed because they were liberals, right, Andy?
*Ooooh, another university [http://www.conservapedia.com/index.php?title=Template%3AMainpageright&diff=329067&oldid=328981 failed] at something!  Let's rejoice at people's failures!  I bet they only failed because they were liberals, right, Andy?

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What is going on?

  • Niandra's taking an axe to Ken's masterpiece! Oh the humanity!
  • What on earth is all this about? TK again demonstrates failure to understand basic Wiki markup.
  • Ooooh, another university failed at something! Let's rejoice at people's failures! I bet they only failed because they were liberals, right, Andy?
  • Yes Ed, the only reason millions of Americans protested against a war that reintroduced conscription, saw the sovereignty of a nation undermined, resulted in the deaths of 1.4 million soldiers and up to 5 million civilians and saw numerous war crimes including massacres, rape and the destruction of entire villages was because of a successful propaganda campaign... And does anyone else see the irony that a foreign nation could win a civil war, which is by definition a war between two groups within the same country, elitism at its best
  • Terry corrects Andy's wikicode. Bannination in 5...4...3... oh, it's Terry. He could write an article about how the FBI found Jon Schlafly hidden at RationalWiki, and he'd only get praise for it.
  • "Yay! I'm super!" - Ed Poor. (By the way, most of Ed's 17 new articles are either one sentence or a blockquote. Way to go, Eddie.)
  • Conservapedia's article of the month is WWII, so we can learn how it happened. Thanks, Conservapedia!
  • When I get that feeeeeling, I need Sexual healing.
  • An apparent Domain name change.
  • Sly DanH removes sly wording from the Departament of Defense article. Take that, Ed Poor!
  • PZ Myers finds a way to make Conservative make sense.
  • While CP is sleeping with the fishes, Poor poor Ed goes to Wikipedia to create havoc. He has no life.
The witch is dead...?
  • "Conservapedia has a problem." Tell us something we don't know.
  • Ed makes a template everyone can find a use for.
  • Ed Poor, without any proof at all, blames us 3 times for Conservapedia's recent eight-hour downtime. Anytime now, I'm sure TK will be blaming us for his "wandering bladder." And, apparently, RationalWiki.info was created by us, and even if it wasn't, we better take it down, or Karajou's gonna come get us!!!1!!!1two!!!1 UPDATE: Assfly is not amused!!!11onehundredandeleven!!!1
  • The article on lesbianism becomes a part of the most hilarious category ever. Note that Wikipedia has an article on lesbian, but no article on lesbianism. LIBERAL BIAS.
  • In Andy's tiny mind repeatably hacking into a school server to change grades is on par with vandalising (ie posting the truth on) Conservapedia. And for someone who calls himself a lawyer Andy seems to fail to realise that hardly anyone who gets charged of a crime will be convicted and receive the maximum sentence
  • News flash! Conservative is sending you an email!!!
  • Having "liberal" in your user-name is a blockable offense, but having "conservative" instead is absolutely fine. A perfect example of a site which doesn't block for ideological reasons, right?
  • Ever up to the minute, can the CP's "Daily" Bible Verse and "Daily" Hysterical Quote make it to to eight weeks without being changed?
  • The contagion spreads, as another user shows symptoms of turning into Ken. First TK started using talk pages to announce that he's sent emails, then RobS takes 500 edits to add a couple irrelevant paragraphs to the Wikipedia article. Now Ed Poor shows off his skills at constructing articles made completely of block quotes. Is it something in the water?
  • PZ Myers personally lowers himself into the gutter to point out a blatant lie in CP's evolution article. Will Ken finally stop this nonsense about nobody pointing out lies or errors? Sure, and I have a bridge to sell you.
  • God help us all.
  • TK seems to have some objection to Ken using the main page as his personal blog. CP is Andy's blog, and don't you forget it! Update: Uh oh, edit war starting
  • Kenservative proudly inserts an "excellent source" provided to him by Andy into the ToE article. What could this "excellent source" be? Why, another crappy quote mine, of course!
  • The true spirit of online collaboration
  • How do you prove hype by the liberal media over chupacabra, when the link says nothing related to the claim? Another link that also shows no proof whatsoever.
  • Please stand by, we're processing Arabia
  • Not happy with smearing Dawkins on the Dawkins page, Andy now says that WP "claims" that Dawkins is a professor. Apparently, Oxford University isn't a reliable source anymore.
  • Nothing is more Conservative than celebrating the deaths of illegal aliens. Update: Songs that seriously criticise America ("I don't need your war machines, I don't need your ghetto scenes,") and patriotism ("Some folks are born made to wave the flag, Ooh, they're red, white and blue.And when the band plays "Hail to the chief",they point the cannon right at you.) are great conservative songs. Maybe Maestro is hard of hearing. Or maybe he's just an idiot. UPDATE: HelpJazz removes the songs, giving no credit to RationalWiki for pointing out their flaws.
  • TK performs his own page count deceit by magically making Harry Potter vanish and reappear again, with zero page views. Taa-daa!
  • Has Ken finally taken heed of TK's admonition about obsessing over page counts? He hasn't updated his running stats page in over a week.
  • This is hateful. This is not.
  • "Comments in block logs do not reflect any Conservapedia policy"
  • Ken deletes cp:Template:Mainpageright, maybe to break all our links or just hide his own edit history (?), so TK restores it, then posts this little note on Ken's doorstep. Please, please, please let this be TK Jihad Against Ken #3. Update He did it again!
  • Conservative is up in arms about PZ Myers not responding to CP's criticism of him, which he probably doesn't even know about, given that it's regarding comments made today for an entry made ten months ago. But more funny is his assertion that Myers is censoring an honest critic here because, get this, the user's posts are now being screened. Given that "Peter Moore" is obviously yet another guise for Conservative/Ken DeMyer, it was probably an anti-spamming measure. Update PWND!
  • The long awaited #25 in Aschlafly's 25 worst court cases EVER is... a rent control decision? Anti-climactic. Question: where's Plessy v. Ferguson on that list? Guess "separate but equal" is not so bad, after all.
  • Despite some elements CP trying to maintain the facade that the wiki welcomes people from all political viewpoints and religions TK finally reveals that it is only for the use of Christian conservatives and sums up his fascism here
  • Andy debates someone who agrees with him. I'm willing to bet $500, though, that Andy somehow finds a way to piss this new kid off. Pull up a chair & some popcorn and stay tuned. Update: It's on.
  • GregLarson and Aschlafly have a "touching" moment. Awwwwww shucks. Someday Greg's name is gonna be in lights. And TK must be green with envy.
  • Kajagoogoo writes an article copies an article from another website.
  • Human rights is a uniquely conservative issue. And yet Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are deceitful liberal organizations, right? Well, maybe the "conservative perspective of human rights" is that we should have less of them...?
  • TK's evidence for rejecting a call to amend an article, try linking to the article itself. And if that bit of circular logic wasn't enough consider that the original call was actually correct
  • Just observe this pearl of legal wisdom from Schlafly. I guess the right to privacy is not fundamental... for him.
  • Yep, no offence taken when someone refuses an unreasonable request, but still godspeed to you, and naturally no deceit in this
  • I hate to give up the game, but for Christ's sake - have no Conservapedians ever seen Austin Powers? This entry has been up since July and was edited today and still nobody has clued in. Schlafly, TK, Rob, Ken, Bethany - you are all very clueless individuals. Update Bless DanH, he tries so hard. [1]
  • Uh-oh, looks like someone is putting real science into the science articles. This won't last long.
  • Conservapedia is told how it is
  • Funny how "removing liberal bias" is actually just adding conservative bias.
  • Albert Andrew Einstein Schlafly adds a new, utterly exceptional and very practical article to Conservapedia.
  • CP, which maintains that just about everyone at Wikipedia is absurdly liberal, has a list of liberal Wikipedians, which consists of all of three people. Even more odd is that all three of them identify themselves as conservatives. Even more odd is that they measure how often the words "liberal", "conservative", "democrat", or "republican" appear on user pages, completely ignoring any context surrounding the word (ie, a list of representatives or an article draft). Editor's Note: this is wholly consistent with the Conservapedia definition of "liberal", under which a liberal is either (1) someone of whom RobS disapproves, or, (2) someone who is not a Conservapedia sysop. As a consequence of this overlapping definition, coupled with the genuine hatred which Conservapedia sysops bear towards each other, the only true "conservatives" are Andrew Schlafly, BethanyS, and Ronald Reagan.
  • BethanyS redirects an article, but doesn't bother improving the writing. Do you know the title of the first book?
  • Conservapedia: By Morons, For Morons. Who knew that American Indians aren't from India? Thanks for clearing that up!!
  • TK: dead? Well, we know at least that he's no fan of Hojimachong's anymore. Hmmmm.
  • A single instance of a tragic hate crime against a Christian in India (for which the murderer was convicted), is enough evidence for endemic violence towards Christians in India, enough to merit a mention on three separate pages, including its own entry. How many more countries can a determined CP editor finger for bias against Christians? Update: India also has it out for men. How can we tell? In part because the occupations of "receptionist, telephone operator, personal assistant, pre-primary school teaching etc. are dominated by women and men are widely neglected in these fields."
  • CP gets a tiny mention in an article about a completely different website... Kenservative's dreams are coming true!
  • Apparently, Fred Phelps is criticized by conservatives, but only by some liberals.
  • Talk about smearing by association, you'd think Al Gore made him do it...
  • Man, even I think these guys are douchebags. Finesse, gentlemen!
  • Ed Poor wikifies an article in the finest tradition of quality.
  • Survival of the fittest now also applies to talk page comments: Case in point (Of course, Colest is not amused)
  • Massive vandal attack [2][3].
  • Looks like Ed Poor is expecting Professional Wrestling to go the way of zombification.
  • Sure, Rob, no one ever called anyone "subhuman" over at CP. Certainly not TK. nope, never TK. No siree!
  • Hmm, hadn't noticed this before. Of course, TK knows best. What an idiot.
  • Homework answers: Younger and richer people are not real voters, church attendance is the best indicator of how somebody will vote, and, and, and. So much in there, you gotta read it yourself.
  • Dr. Sandstone knows how to write encyclopedic articles.
  • Cutting off editing after Andy's bed time shows how much CP activity is carried by people with a normal sleep schedule (EST); only one edit in the last two hours!
  • OH MY GOD! Hoji finally kicks the bucket and feeds Andy a piece of his mind. Then showdown between him and TK [4][5], but wait, does this mean TK was a parodist all along, as posted on the page of several sysops... well until DanH came along and tried to bury the evidence. Now the true end of the era (or at least for the next five years). What will happen next?
Our most recent article.
  • CP is not Wikipedia (you can say that again) where smears trump logic. Therefore, CP will continue to defend a neo-Nazi against protesters in order to make liberals look bad. Oh, and we'll block the guy who tried to tell us it was a bad idea. I guess they really are competition for M*t*pedia after all.