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<votecp poll=wigo3163>A [,2933,584500,00.html?test=latestnews U.S. Air Force Academy decides to show their respect of freedom of religion by establishing a Wiccan prayer circle].  '''Jpatt's response''': [ OH NOEZ!! We must coexist with evil].  Followed by an [ incredibly lame picture] bought to you by [ TK].  '''MOAR Insanity!''' A user challenges the headline: [  But the Air Force is just providing a place for cadets to worship, there is no mentioning of the Air Force adopting Wiccan practice]. TK: [ Yeah, we conservatives have "common sense."]  Jpatt: [ Amen to that. The headline will stay as it is].  User: [  You're not getting my point here]. </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3163>A [,2933,584500,00.html?test=latestnews U.S. Air Force Academy decides to show their respect of freedom of religion by establishing a Wiccan prayer circle].  '''Jpatt's response''': [ OH NOEZ!! We must coexist with evil].  Followed by an [ incredibly lame picture] bought to you by [ TK].  '''MOAR Insanity!''' A user challenges the headline: [  But the Air Force is just providing a place for cadets to worship, there is no mentioning of the Air Force adopting Wiccan practice]. TK: [ Yeah, we conservatives have "common sense."]  Jpatt: [ Amen to that. The headline will stay as it is].  User: [  You're not getting my point here]. </votecp>
<!----<votecp poll=wigo3162>Writing Homework One: [ Write an essay of at least 300 words about any topic you like.] Student Eight decides to write a poem about love. [ "It's the thing that attics stop for."] ("Inspired by Bradley Hathaway" means "largely copied from [ a song he wrote]".)</votecp> -->
<!----<votecp poll=wigo3162>Writing Homework One: [ Write an essay of at least 300 words about any topic you like.] Student Eight decides to write a poem about love. [ "It's the thing that attics stop for."] ("Inspired by Bradley Hathaway" means "largely copied from [ a song he wrote]".)</votecp> -->
<votecp poll=wigo3161>'''Ken''': [ My] articles are zooming to the top of Google China! '''Andy:''' [ We're] honored!</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3160>The citations debate continues. '''TK:''' [ "Books suck, you Cognac-sipping elitists."]'''Ed:''' [ "Citations from books are the best, but they are hard to verify. My favorite source therefore is a book which is available online."] '''Karajou:''' [ "My position is that anyone and everyone is strongly encouraged to use, and cite from, books and other printed material."] and [ "Actually, they are easy to verify"]. '''TK:''' [ "See, peon, the admins you sneakily approached agree with me! Books are the best, but be sure and use MLA format."] [ Now let me make this policy accordingly. "Online sources are preferred."] The dumbing down of CP (and the liberal deceit of TK) continues, unabated. '''TK''' [ blocks] one of the last [ productive contributors] for a week and starts to destroy his work. '''Ed''''s [ advice]: ''Accept the block in humility''... TK [ burns] the evidence (it seems only trolls and troublemakers debate these days), luckily we have a [ capture] of most of it.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3159>Of ''course'' no Republican would attempt to bring about such travesties as [ fewer traffic jams and slightly more breathable air.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3158>What does one of the greatest American authors of all time have to do to get a stubby article on CP? [ Die, apparently.] </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3157>AlexWD uses Andy's [ new project] to point out some [ uncomfortable facts].  Andy does his classic [ kneejerk] [ response].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3156> Conservapedia sets a record with [ <s>four</s> five][ Obama][ Hope][ poster] spoofs on the main page.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3155>Uncle Ed: [ We don't label experts who are conservatives. But if someone expresses an opinion outside his expertise, we label him!] What about BotP, Ed?</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3154>Conservapedia unveils a new scientific hoax! First they tackled evolution. Then global warming. Now, beware you Californians, because Conservapedia has its eyes on dismantling the hoax of... [ bilingual education!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3153>In latest news, Americans can't drive, [ with or without cellphones].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3152>[ Andy sez] "On the twelfth day of cold weather, Florida gave to me: a 50-70 percent dead coral reef therefore disproving global warming. And a partridge in a dead tree."</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3151>Not content with the "oarsman-regatta" question, Andy thinks the SAT should test knowledge of [ Christian doctrine] and [ American party politics].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3150>Andy starts [ a list] of words that look superficially alike but have opposite meanings. You know, like "Conservapedia" and "Wikipedia."</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3149>'''TK:''' [ "CP admins shouldn't have to go to libraries to verify sources."] '''AlexWD:''' [ "Sloth isn't a conservative value, and shouldn't the admins have conservative books on their shelves?"] '''TK blusters back:''' [ you '''elitists''' and your books and brandy-sipping ways! I'm having none of your sly attempts to embarass me. Respect mah autoritay.] '''AlexWD:''' I shall win you over with [ humour], my Lord. '''TK:''' What is this humour of which you speak? [ I do not know it]. '''Oh dear:'''  JDWPianist is looking for <s>love</s> help in [ all the wrong places].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3148>'''Andy''' lets everyone know [ the quality of his "Writing and SAT Verbal Skills" course] with a mangling of grammar.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3147>Jpatt makes it clear that [ Obama did not win the election,] but got appointed to the post due to the color of his skin.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3146>[ "Nutty"] is a good encyclopedic word, right TK?</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3145>Another [ Weakly Toon.] Yawn.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3144>Are Obama's speeches [ a carefully scripted charade] or do even [ the minutest details] reveal deep insights about him? I guess the answer is "whichever Andy wants at the moment." </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3143>
Conservapedia, in a nutshell - II: '''User''': [[:File:User talk-Aschlafly - Conservapedia 1264634871267.png|Facts!]] '''TK''': [ Oversight!] '''TK''': [ Bye!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3142>JacobB: [ "You're a liberal with a very high ''made-up'' score!"] '''Andy''': [ "AMAZING! Make a page on how to calculate this!"] JacobB: [ "We have the technology, but we can't let the bad guys know how to defeat it!"] (Not like [[Bugler|vandals]] haven't already cracked how to be a CP-approved member.)</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3141>[ Obama's deceit is that he uses teleprompters and speechwriters!] Just like [ other presidents] have done [ since the 1960s.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3140>{{Ken}} is [ really excited] at the thought that Conservapedia will be mentioned in a gabfest among four people who aren't firing on all their cylinders.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3139>"As Jesus told them off, the scribes and Pharisees furiously interrogated Him about everything,/ plotting and seeking to quote Him for a politically incorrect remark to use against Him." [ Luke 11:53-54, Andy's <s>travesty</s> Conservative Bible.] '''UPDATE:''' Andy: If Christ were alive today [ liberals and atheists would try to get him to say something politically incorrect.] Andy is no [ Dostoevsky].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3138>Two businessmen plan to dispose of their own stock holdings as they see fit, [[free market]] style. But the free-market-boosting Conservapedia [ seems to have a problem with this,] due to the fellows being lib-burr-ruls.</votecp>
<!--<votecp poll=wigo3137>[ Have you no shame TK?]</votecp>-->
<votecp poll=wigo3136>BertSchlossberg [ edits Mrs. BertSchlossberg's user page,] posting a video of her.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3135>ZOMG! [ Obama uses a teleprompter to talk to school children!] '''Andy''': "Won't somebody ''please'' think of the children!" Of course, [ its just not true]. Though to be fair, [ someone much smarter and funnier than Andy] made the same mistake. '''UPDATE''': '''Andy''' proving he can't be wrong, ever, [ "Liberals are trying to hide the fact that the teleprompters were there!] Even if they weren't used for the talk with the kids!" '''UPDATE''': Andy finally makes clear what a reliable source is: [ Jay Leno.] '''UPDATE:''' ChrisY [ suggests an uncompromising but factually accurate replacement.] Andy: [ Leno was telling the truth, because a student could have been listening at the door when he was addressing the reporters.] Karajou: [ If as you say Obama's the Messiah who can magically make global warming disappear, surely he doesn't need teleprompters?] {{TK}}: [ St. Reagan had a degree in economics.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3134>Daniel1212: [ General statements in the Bible are to be interpreted in the light of specific ones;] therefore, women are to keep quiet on religious matters. (It is fine, however, to ignore several Biblical ''examples'' of preaching women in light of the ''general statement'' about women not being permitted to speak.)</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3133>Jefferson? Lincoln? Eisenhower? Taft? Teddy Roosevelt? [ LIBERALS!] [ Radical Monroe?] CONSERVATIVE!</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3132>A fellow who [ boasts] [ about] [ test scores] often should not [ call 'over-emphasizing significance of test' a mistake."]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3131>Professor '''Andy''' [ writes himself a note] to teach kids about anti-intellectual attitudes. I'm sure he'll just [ link this for simplicity.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3130>Andy: [ Only experts on the matter at hand can criticise something.] User: [ Lenski anyone?] '''Andy''': [ "We only hate liberals who argue authority on anything! And since you bring up Lenski, do you know what he DOES for a living?!"] And writing lecturer Schlafly? "Overrely" is not a word.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3129>What is the best online encyclopedia? The one that makes [ market predictions] of course.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3128>Thanks for [ the shout-out,] there, {{Ken}}.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3127>[ Andy: Liberals are objectively bad.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3126>[ '''BIG AND BOLD NEWS!'''] Republican propaganda agencies reported on four Obama-damaging stories that others didn't bother to cover! What were they? "Climategate," a quote mine, false allegations about ACORN and Obama's nomination of van Jones.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3125>
Andy: [ Ethnicity does not matter].
TK: [ Conservatives know that like belongs with like.]
<votecp poll=wigo3124>Ancient Greek? Too old fashioned, we need a '''''newer''' old fashioned term!'' [ "The Man-Hater".] [ Andy wins the self-delusional award of the year!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3123>'''Andy:''' [ "I don't think we even referred to Barack Obama as the 'first black president,' because such labels are a distraction."] A [ couple] of [ articles] don't count, do they? No...</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3122>User: [ Half of users on Wikipedia claiming to be Christians are mocking Christianity]. <br> AlexWD: [ You made up those statistics!] <br> Andy: [ Made up statistics? Those are my favorite kind!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3121>Andy [ bitch-slaps] Joaquin. [ Hard]. Bonus Andy: Telling Joaquin what's what is [  "discussion"]. UPDATE: AlexWD is cruisin' for a [ banhammerin']</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3120>[ Um, what?]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3119>{{TK}}: [ Do not fuck with us.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3118>{{TK}} [ burns] some chatter from a parodist, two years after the fact.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3117>Jpatt makes a [ grammar edit] that, true to his style, ''introduces'' a grammatical error. AlexWD asks: [ Why did you revert my correction?] Jpatt: [ I didn't do it! I didn't do it!] Menacing voice from the shadows: [ I'm here too, bitches. PAY ATTENTION TO ME!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3116>RobS is of the opinion that [ conspiracy theorists are not good sources, but ''Pravda'' is.]</votecp>
<!-- 3115 is already in use -->
<votecp poll=wigo3114>{{TK}} decides that one of {{Kens}} <s>essays</s> articles should be [ called by its right name.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3113>Conservapedians should be thankful we have an [[cp:Barack Hussein Obama|Islamic socialist]] presidential administration at present; under Bush, secret service agents visited people's houses for less than [ this.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3112>Those [[Conservapedia:Best of the Public|noted energy experts]], the American electorate, seem to think there is some sort of [ impending energy crisis.] ([ Crisis? What crisis?])</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3111>Quick suicide tip for CP users: [ Point out that an article is misleading, contains a quote mine ''and'' that evolution is a fact.] Enjoy your extended vacation, random user.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3110>Using CP, students learn that [ Al Franken founded Air America Radio.] By using a real wiki, students can learn that [ AAR was founded by Sheldon Drobny, Anita Drobny and Jon Sinton.] '''Update:''' [ RobSmith proves it with a cite!] [ Except the article doesn't quote Franken or any other authority...]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3109> Hey Rob? We understand why you need the picture of mass graves for the [ Communism article]. But what's with the [ file's title?]. Rob? [ Oh.] (NSFW)</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3108>'''TK<sup>Hi TK!</sup>''': [ Don't point out fellow Conservapedians' errors!] Don't you know those rat vandals will just [ WIGO it?]'''UPDATE:''' [ Oversighted.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3107>[ Good luck with that, SamF.] '''TeaKaked''': [ We don't need no stinkin' FACTS!] '''MORE: Andy:''' "[ God bless you, SamF, for archiving and clearing up this page!]" '''TightKnickers:''' [ DIE, Prevaricator]. </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3106>User 188 [ packs the stupid into one post:] Biologists don't study humans to find out what makes them unique (sorry anthropologists), biologists follow Lenin in making humans technically animals (sorry genetics), biologists are short-sighted and wrong about humans being animals (sorry biologists), anthropology and psychology may be sciences but they must follow conservative principles and beliefs (sorry scientific method), and one should pick a side - science or the conservative Christian deity (sorry all other faiths)!</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3105>User: [ I don't think Jews serving in the U.S. military would appreciate being referred to as "Christian soldiers"].<br/>TK: I doubt it would bother them, and if not [ they'll just have to "get over it"].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3104>DMorris: [ Andy, here's what my school is like.] JacobB: [ High word-to-substance ratio!] Andy: [ DMorris, your public school does not fit my preconceptions. ''Ergo'', you're a liberal. Do I have to run checkuser on you?] DMorris: [ Here's the IPs I edited from, and why I'm not a liberal.] Then, to top it off, he adds [ a summary that Andy might able to read through if he tries ''really'' hard.] '''UPDATE''' [ "I'm in charge here..."] The asshole has spoken.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3103>{{TK}}: Not a Christian? [ Shut up and appreciate] that Jesus said, "I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3102>Andy: A court ruling permitting corporations to make political ads during campaigns will apparently [ end the lib-burr-rul media's monopoly over elections.] Obviously the media outlets aren't corporations at all.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3101>[ Liberal user:] [ Why celebrate this court decision,] since it also means the liberal media and Hollywood can flood politicians with money? [ JacobB: Infinite Ban! Wuhao: That's too long. She was disrespectful, but... JacobB: '''INFINITE BAN!'''] '''more''': [ JacobB: The user wasn't banned for something she said here, so don't change it!] [ Wuhao: But why was she banned? We don't ban people for what they do elsewhere, right?] [ JacobB: I will not discuss it in public.] [ Wuhao: Yes, master.] '''UPDATE:''' {{TK}} unblocks user with a, "You'll just have to try harder to become a marytr to your vandal pals."</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3100>Karajou: Sorry, folks, but I can't come up with new material. [ Here's what the same joke would look like after you run it through a mulcher.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3099>Conservative: [ Someone on YouTube] likes me! Yes, someone on Youtube who [ talks to his dog about Obama's socialism.] You're like kindred spirits! </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3098>TeaKakkke says: [ "Liberals only tell half-truths! Want proof? They pathologically hate the SDI!"] And while you're at it, "get some integrity and/or find the truth."</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3097>Another Conservative win as [ formerly Communistic Europe] becomes more liberal? ''God Bless Ronald Reagan!''</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3096>[ TK unwittingly contradicts himself.]</votecp> <!--You must not read well, as you are confusing one item with another, lol.-->
<votecp poll=wigo3095>'''Andy''' wants a [ disclaimer] for any distance over 6,000 lightyears and he's [ not letting go]. BMcP makes the mistake of [ introducing facts], which just makes Andy [ angrier]. ASSUMPTIONS, M*****ER! BMcP writes [ a reply for the ages]: "My only assumption is that scientists don't constantly lie." Farewell BM, we hardly knew thee.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3094>'''TK:''' For the last time; [ don't suggest that it's '''not''' OK to slap women!]  ''Bloody liberals...''</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3093>DMorris: [ At my public school, God isn't taboo and they don't promote atheism.] Andy: [ Your school pulls students toward atheism. Atheists try harder to mislead better students. Students at an "F"-rated public school are more spiritually free of liberal propaganda.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3092>Senators said to be liberal in 2010 are said to be acting differently from senators said to be liberal in 1962. This apparently constitutes a [ double standard.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3091>Three sysops inject their own logical fallacy, all in one place!<br/>
[[Gish gallop#JAQing off|Ed:]] [ Is it a First Amendment violation if children become atheists after attending public school? Is atheism a religion?]<br/>
[[Non sequitur|Andy]]: [ Public schools unconstitutionally promote atheism. And by the way, Scott Brown won the election yesterday.]<br/>
[[Straw man|Karajou]]: [ Atheists] [[Strong atheism|believe in the non-existence of God]].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3090>User: [ Why is Wikipedia's citation of Hans Bethe, a Nobel laureate and Manhattan Project scientist, with regard to SDI "inexplicable"?]<br/>
Andy: [ Bethe is a liberal, hence knows diddly-squat about engineering, and you're inflating his achievements because you're a liberal too.]<br/>
Then, finding out that the man is dead: [ Hans Bethe is with Ted Kennedy now!]<br/>
User: [ But everything I said about Bethe was perfectly true.]<br/>
Andy, getting hot and bothered: [ Bethe was a liberal hack and a liberal blowhard and was clueless about engineering.] (So much for [[Conservapedia:Best of the Public|Best of the Public]]!)</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3089>From another Ed stub: [ Whether human beings have more than a physical nature is rarely examined in an objective way] (or, in other words, a way that fits Ed's presumptions on the subject).</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3088>{{kens}} [ toots his own horn] regarding attention to the Atheism article. ''And'', it only took 3 edits to get it right this time!</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3087>AlexWD: It is [ "just silly"] to list cross-dressing as a liberal trait. But it is, of course, perfectly all right to include [ bestiality, finger-pointing and intellectual dishonesty] on that list. '''UPDATE:''' TK: Better [ protect this article for a week.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3086>Subliminal messaging quiz! Spot the "obscene expression" in RJJensen's sentence, [ "Miles Standish had to beat off an Indian attack on the third expedition."] Heard of ''context'', DanielPulido?</votecp>
<!-- <votecp poll=wigo3085>
In an attempt to finish what TK started, [ RobSmith challenges RJJensen], but is [ way out of his depth].
</votecp> -->
<votecp poll=wigo3084>And the [ gloating begins]... and [ continues...]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3083>Daniel1212: Non-Christians try to resolve the [[problem of evil]] in various ways, but [ THE BIBLE SAYS THEY'RE WRONG! HAHAHAHA! Case closed!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3082>Andy: [ I don't read no stinkin' newspapers!] Except, of course, for [ the ''Washington Post'',] [ the ''Boston Herald'',] the '''>ugh!<''' [ ''New York Times'',] [ the ''Daily Telegraph'',] ...</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3081>Andrew Schlafly, Esq., indicts himself: "Ye lawyers shall be accountable too! For ye impose [ burdensome regulations and transaction costs."] But ''in the same edit that he puts the term into the Conservative Bible'', he says that the use of the term "'transaction costs' should be reconsidered."</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3080>{{TK}} momentarily [ forgets] [[Template:Jinx|which Wiki he's editing]].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3079>RobS drags <s>Reed Harris</s> RJJensen before the tribunal: [ <s>Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?</s> What did you mean by this suspicious sentence in a book you published twenty years ago?] The good professor [ replies,] and is [ corrected]. The <s>Red</s> Rob Guard is watching you, filthy, [ (shades of gray), intellectual!] '''MORE:''' [ RobSmith challenges RJJensen again], but proves [ way out of his depth].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3078>
Dear Ed, [ Nobody cares.] Sincerely, All Humans.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3077>Glove slap: Ed [ overwrites JacobB's talk page] with a demand for a writing plan. '''UPDATE''': Ed wants to show JacobB a little more [ gentleness.]
'''UPDATE 2''': [ I dare you to block me, Ed!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3076>Daniel1212 gets [ all hot and bothered] over some [ liberal revisionist sophist claptrap] about [ "Bible," "women" and "equal" belonging in the same sentence.] In response, he wants to bring in opinions from people who think [ churches are full of men wearing skirts.] That'll be the day!</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3075>User: [ Andy, you should write a memoir about the building of Conservapedia.] Andy: [ Books, schmooks; we're so hot and modern that books are the horse-and-buggy to our Tin Lizzie!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3074>CP:Chileans are disgusted with liberal control of the country, so they [ elect a conservative].  Reality (from CP's own source):After liberal candidate Eduardo Frei concedes when it looks like conservative Sebastian Pinera is going to get 52% of the vote, liberal President Michelle Bachelet leaves office with an [ 80% approval rating].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3073>To fear sexual corruption, you must first understand it - and no-one goes to more effort to understand it better than [ Ed Poor]. In order to fear it, you see.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3072>TK: [ "Books are also another example of a liberal trap!"] (That's a quote, not a paraphrase!)</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3071>Ed: [ We must understand dozens of economic ideas to have a discussion about the economy.] To facilitate this understanding, he makes [ a stub with a wingnut blog entry for a source.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3070>User: [ I hope people will do something nice for MLK Jr. Day.] {{TK}} quickly [ adds a newsbite fawning over] the [,_Jr. exemplar of liberalism,] ''then'' responds, [ As we said on our mainpage, user, this is a National Day of Service to Honor Doctor King!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3069>Andy logic: I am splendid; therefore, my students are splendid; therefore, their thoroughly average score [ is splendid,] despite falling pretty much exactly between the average pass/fail cutoff of 50 and the highest possible score of 80 </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3068>Andy [ trims] [ newsbites] from the main page because "readers can't keep up at this fast rate." But the only things going onto the news column at a fast rate are {{Kens}} [ micro-edits.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3067>Daniel links an [ "interesting article"] about Haiti to TK's talk page. From the same website's [ "about us" page]: "What we call race realism is what was considered traditional common sense until perhaps the 1950s. It is a body of views that was so taken for granted it had no name, but it can be summarized as follows: That race is an important aspect of individual and group identity, that different races build different societies that reflect their natures, and that it is entirely normal for whites (or for people of any other race) to want to be the majority race in their own homeland. If whites permit themselves to become a minority population, they will lose their civilization, their heritage, and even their existence as a distinct people." TK responds: [ "It is! Perhaps you could use it to improve our Haiti article!"]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3066>{{ken}} [ adds a picture] [ "to enhance the Obama-Waterloo theme of the main page. No thanks are necessary from the liberal side of the aisle."] Half an hour later, [ "we reuse the ____ is Obama's Waterloo metaphor for the benefit of the liberal side of the aisle."]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3065>'''Andy''' wonders when [ public schools will teach] what Waterloo was in history! One also wonders when '''Andy''' will look up what "one's Waterloo" means in a dictionary.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3064>How does the world work in '''Andy's''' head? [ Sarah Palin flubbed the question about what periodicals she reads] because liberals expect the answer to be the ''New York Times'' or the ''Washington Post''. If she mentioned local papers, she would have been ridiculed by liberals. Therefore the question is dimwitted because it sparks "baseless criticism."</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3063>Are you a big fan of Richard Dawkins? If so you probably search for Doug Jesseph, a totally unrelated scholar who happens to have defended an atheist standpoint in a debate in 1996, on Google on a daily basis right? Well tough cookie. [ We are number 1!!!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3062>TK to RJJ: [ It's on!!!] '''UPDATE:''' Professor Jensen [ dares to question an Andy Insight™]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3061>{{Kens}} breaking news: Shockingly, [ a right-wing Facebook group is stumping for a right-wing candidate!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3060>RJJensen: Plagiarism is only plagiarism if [ you try to wow your professors with it.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3059>Andy applies his formula of [[Correlation does not equal causation|correlation = causation]] to produce a delusion of grandeur: An entire website apparently shut down when [ exposed and criticized on Conservapedia.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3058>Oh yeah! The creationists roll out the big guns in the battle against evolution: a Kajagoogoo [ weakly toon!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3057>It's bye-bye [[Conservapedia:Chivalry|chivalry]], as Andy trumpets the conservative value of woman-slapping: No "distortions by feminist ideology" in this film where "conservative values triumph over liberal ones"; [ A leading man slaps a woman,] although he gets "beaten up by '''dimwitted''' bystanders." (Emphasis added.)  '''Update:''' Said bystanders were dimwitted beceause the weren't [ homoschooled!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3056>Ed continues [ cranking out pseudoscientific blather.] Now history is science, and it is unscientific not to <s>ignore the entire philosophical basis of science</s> study the supernatural "scientifically."</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3055>Non-scientist User 188 [ asks, "How and when is (the scientific method) really used?"] And it wouldn't be Uncle Ed without the creepiness factor: "Most good things that happen with kids (or in any other setting) are inadvertent, a sideshow to the planned purpose of an activity."</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3054>[ Uncle Ed fact checks] a statement [ over two years old.] How about [ Article I, Section 8?] Wasn't that hard, Uncle Ed? '''GOAT''': [ Why bother fact checking when Geo can just make it vanish?]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3053>User 188's expertise on biology: [ Humans are not part of the ''Eukarya'' kingdom of ''Animalia''.] '''Update''': [ Humans aren't animals because no liberals would like to be called an animal.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3052>'''Andy's''' [ expertise in anthropology:] "Apes don't make and wear clothes, [ make and use real tools,] [ read and write,] pray, or [ build civilizations.]  Yes, those are very significant characteristics of humans and to ignore them is to live in denial." And ideological block goes --> [ here] (bonus points for admitting it in the block comment, TK - you're barely human even if you're not an ape) followed by the now-familiar [ "I know where you live."]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3051>Jensen on TK: [ "But what are TK's "orthodox" positions? Does he really have any? he never tells us--he never writes articles, he only erases the work of people who do the writing here.] '''UPDATE:''' after TK burns RJs response, RJ [ tries to take down TKs now-unanswered response], but TK [ puts it back] and burns both diffs.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3050>'''Andy''' logic: [ Liberals use the ''New York Times'' as their Bible,] NYT references CP in one opinion piece about non-CP stuff, therefore liberals use CP as their Bible!</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3049>'''User:''' "Islam [ is evil] because of honor killings!" - '''RJJ''' "[ Whoa,] not so fast! [ Do not attack a monotheistic religion even if you think it is theologically incorrect.  That undermines Conservapedia's crusade against atheism."] Guess Barack ("Hussein") Obama is all right, then!</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3048>RJJensen [ reinserts] an <s>accurate analysis of</s> accusation against the Tea Party Movement that Jpatt had [ removed.] Jpatt [ declines to take it lying down.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3047>Joe Lieberman, who almost single-handedly derailed health care reform, who unapologetically cheered the Iraq War, who was reportedly very nearly John McCain's running mate, is a [ liberal] according to Andy.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3046>Citations? We don't need no steenkeeng citations to [ announce that the UN's former Chief Weapons Inspector was arrested on internet sex charges.] (Maybe it's 'cause he's a Republican and used to work for Fox News?)</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3045>Haiti was devastated by its earthquake through a [ lack of U.S.-style economic freedom] because "economic freedom saves lives."  Interesting insight! OR, it could be because Haiti's poverty is caused by [ centuries of debt exploitation], not unfree markets, and the abatement of property damage in California is itself due to the ''the liberal California government's onerous and intrusive regulation of building codes''.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3044>Conservapedia examines the nature of absolute claims! '''User''': [ It's a myth that atheists have built ''zero'' hospitals, here's an example.] '''Andy''': [ I doubt your isolated claim and do not care to Google it,] thus [ there is no denying that atheists are uncharitable]. '''User''': [ OK, here are some cites.]  '''TK''': [ Singular examples (sic) do not disprove Andy's claim]. '''Ed Poor''': [ Even if you discover an exception, Andy's still right]. But of course '''''a single counterexample disproves evolution,''''' [ right Andy?] '''UPDATE:''' {{TK}}: [ "Those who come here to argue and debate us will find their visit short" (read: fuck off).] </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3043>NVConservative: I don't care if this is a direct word for word quoting of an original work, we can't have any of that [ Un-Merikan Brit spellings] on Conservapedia. TK reproves NVcon and [ claims to have reverted the edit.] Took him an [ hour and a half]. </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3042>ChrisY: "I urge you to donate to the Red Cross as they're really quick helping on the scene of a disaster." [ Ed Poor:] "How can they possibly want to save lives as much as a church? You're an idiot." '''Bonus Hypocrisy:''' 39 minutes later Ed, who in a massive freudian slip mentions hypocrisy in the edit comment, suggests that a [ secular organisation] is the goods--apparently completely rejecting the notion of church run fire services.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3041>Conservapedia, in a nutshell: '''User''': [ Facts!] '''Andy''': [ Rant!] '''TK''': [ Bye!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3040>[ Think stub and you will stay stub.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3039>'''JacobB:''' "Now liberals are attacking one of the largest and most generous charitable organizations, the Salvation Army, for not providing domestic partner benefits to its homosexual employees and for "discriminating against illegal immigrants." '''Jab5000:''' "Why, that's terrible! those homosexuals and illegal immigrants are people too! Salvation Army will pay!" []</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3038>Ed Poor objects to [ pleas for money for Haitian earthquake relief], comparing them to the [[cp:Oil for food scandal|Oil For Food Scandal]]. (And [ creates CP's page on the scandal] for good measure.) He then goes on to argue [ you should give to churches instead].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3037>MattS: [ "The ricin molecule is irreducibly complex!"] ''Nature'': [ "Ricin's two proteins evolved, and here's how."]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3036>'''Karajou:''' Ha ha!  Lib-rulls introduced a new tax, and now [ some gay fella] has got to pay it!  ''Erm...'' </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3035>TK is an utter <s>cunt</s> cretin.  ''(I'm sorry, I can't think of a better WIGO for this, but this level of [ sheer awfulness] needs highlighting)'' '''Later:''' A user [ queries] the statement and of course gets reverted and [ blocked].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3034>High school and college students have mental health concerns relating to an obsession with wealth. Therefore, [ they should turn off their televisions and read the Bible,] even though, as we all know, [[Conservative Bible Project|he who maketh a lot of money in the free market shall be called greatest in the kingdom of heaven]].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3033>{{TK}} on global warming: [ "So, record low temperatures this past week is the result of climate change, record high temperatures in the summer is the result of climate change?]" Obviously not, as we all know that [ cold temperatures] '''and''' [ warm temperatures] in winter are evidence ''against'' climate change. '''BONUS ELITIST HUBRIS:''' Poor countries are suffering under global warming because of [ "God's plan!"]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3032>User:'''Daniel1212''' [ "Do you know why this page is constantly loading? It never fully loads...", '''User:TK''' "  No idea at all, other than the server is sometimes slow due to the vandal site members].</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3031>Andy: [ Our students are doing this to learn, not merely to impress institutions.] This from the fellow who [[Andrew_Schlafly#AP certification and his courses|used an SAT-preparation book as the class text]]. '''Update''': [ "A record 28 teenagers achieved college-level scores on our Economics Final Exam, attaining the equivalent of a passing grade on the CLEP exam that would be worth 3 units of college credit"] Out of at least 35 exams graded (by '''Andy'''), not using CLEP questions. But he's not out to impress anyone.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3030>Jpatt is under the delusion that [ NPR would completely collapse] without the [[wp:Corporation for Public Broadcasting|CPB]] — which provides only ''2%'' of its operating budget.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3029>User: We forgot to offer Christmas well-wishes to the major non-Western denomination of Christians on the day they observe it.<br/>Ed (the Grinch) Poor: [ First write the Orthodox Christmas article, then request recognition!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3028>JacobB: [ "While you're technically right,] I'll still [ ban you for arguing about the Bible."] '''Update''': [ TK wants to go Uncle Ed on JacobB.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3027>[ Muscle cars] are conservative and give "highly efficient performance", whilst [ also celebrating masculine style against erosion by feminism.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3026> [ The truth hurts, TK]. It really does. </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3025>Addison has turned into [ such a good little Andybot.] Obviously one answer to his question, ''the Declaration of Independence'', is not good enough.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3024>New rule, from {{TK}}, not found anywhere in the guidelines, that will get you blocked on Conservapedia: [ no edits for nearly two years.] Better get those socks posting again, folks.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3023>User 188 is on the stupid path today. [ "Can we call evolution 'pseudoscience' because its promoters never want to think they're wrong?"] Here, Ed, [ read this.] It may have too much jargon for you to follow.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3022>Uncle Ed moves an article from mainspace [ to its author's page] due to it being an "unsatisfactory article," even though it is fairly complete and filled with mathematical explanations. '''''Bonus''''': [ "Can you make this page easier for me to read? I don't get it. If you want to write technical stuff that <s>I, your Uncle Eddy</s> high school kids can't understand, go to Wikipedia!"]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3021>User 188 [ "defies the liberal model"] of explaining science, points out that girls are stupid. </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3020>Uncle Ed creates [ a category] as a warning to CP's usual crowd: "Contains BIG words!"</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3019>[ It's up, only 48 minutes late!] And it starts off with a bang: "1. Suppose a friend asked you, 'Did your Economics course have homework questions on the topic of prayer?' You would best reply might be, 'No, there were not many Economics questions about prayer, because..." We're still unsure whether Andy wants to hear a) prayer is free or b)c)d)e) prayer sucks.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3018>"Almost all" children born of incest today are "deformed." On the other hand Egyptian pharaohs who married their sisters had "normal" children. This proves the YEC talking point about [ harmful mutations being the source of all inbreeding problems.]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3017>For some reason, [ adding] a link to a [ liberal far-left organization's article] from the liberal bias article gets one [ reverted] and [ wrist-slapped by Andy for "non-substantive edits."]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3016>Andy gets a hard on for the [ "biggest vote of the homosexual agenda"] of the past seven days? '''''Update''''': [[John_Schlafly|Andy's brother]] is [ no more?]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3015>Karajou lets on that he is a fan of the cruel aspects of natural selection or at least [ stupid jokes about the Darwin Awards] </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3014>Andy loses an argument, is shown how he's wrong about his relativity arguments, and even is quoted from the Bible. His response? [ "Godspeed, for last wordism, personalizing criticism, and basically wasting the time of others without enough substantive editing"] Andy, when will you block yourself for the same?</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3013>[ ''Liberal'':] "often a liberal is merely someone who craves attention." '''Andy''': [ Largest group from New Jersey! Largest group not affiliated with any church or school!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3012>According to Karajou, [ there is currently an anti-Christian Holocaust underway]. Who knew?</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3011><!-- A very rough cut through the epic discussion. I focused on Frank and the definition of miracle. Other WIGOs of other aspects are certainly possible and welcome. I guess this WIGO can be phased out or modified if this branch of the discussion becomes even weirder, but my hunch is that this was the peak with Andy declaring Jesus' miracles as non-miracles and then going all "Stop citing and just THINK." -->'''Andy:''' "The [ healing powers of Jesus] happened instantly, which means they traveled faster than light, disproving relativity." - '''Frank:''' "Jesus was performing a ''miracle''. They [ violate reality] pretty much ''by definition''" - '''Andy:''' "The works done by Jesus were [ merely signs] and not miracles. And signs are simply [ disclosures] of reality." - '''Frank:''' "Scholars, the Bible, ''your'' Bible and your encyclopedia [ disagree] with you." - '''Andy:''' "I see you did your research, and I [ wish you would stop] doing that. Can't you make up your facts like I do?"</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3010> Relativity, [ bane of science]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3009> TK the [ merciful?] </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3008>For Andy, [ homosexuality's future] comes down to a vote in the New Jersey senate.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3007> [ Libruls ruined the economy] (despite Obama not taking power until 2009). ALSO, THEY'VE HIRED TRANSVESTITES TO MAKE IT WORSE!</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3006>Jake [ tarts up] the Banach-Tarski Paradoxpage and asks Ed (Maths person!) to look at it (after Ed 'fessed that [ It doesn't make sense to him]). Sorry Jake: it's harder than 1 + 1 = 2 so out of his league.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3005>Jpatt gives us a wonderful insight into what he considers to be [ encyclopedic language]. Andy is [ less than impressed]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3004>A fun new fact about Ed that he wants you to know: [ he's a Wikipedian!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3003>[ So much for 'pro-life']</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3002>{{TK}} admits that he'd rather be [ feared than liked] </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3001>{{ken}} really seems to have a thing for  [ fat dykes]. </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo3000>Ed: [ America is arguably the world's sole source of medical innovation.] Uh, right; the [[wp:Wade-Dahl-Till valve|Wade-Dahl-Till valve]] obviously underwent a secret invention in the U.S. before surfacing in Britain.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2999>[ User points out UK conservatives are different than US conservatives.] '''Andy''': [ "I smite thee with my Schlafly Quote Generator!"]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2998>And what is Kendoll's reaction to Dawkins calling God a dickhead? "Hey Dawkins! [ how 'bout them fat-ass lezbos!"]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2997> '''Andy''' pretty much admits that [ CP is unaffiliated with school] </votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2996> '''Andy''' to User: [ You can't just claim that something is subjective when you disagree with it and objective when you agree with it!] (Also, the ''factual'' questions of science are somehow comparable to the ''value'' questions of the Best Conservative Movie.)</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2995>Richard Dawkins says God is "unjust", "unforgiving" and a "bully". Andy: [ God will punish him for this insult!]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2994>DouglasA calls Uncle Ed's [ Moonie-stub] [ "blasphemous."]</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2993>[ So why did '''Andy''' and others spend so much time debating top ten conservative films,] {{TK}}?</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2992>User 188 is still cranky from his butthurt on WP. [ Contributing user banned by Karajou on Dec. 30.] User 188 further bans user the following day. January 2, [ User 188 deletes user's page] for "probation." Then [ reverts user's edits.] A little [ irony] to top it all off.</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2991>'''Andy''' uncovers another conspiracy. [ "The NIV uses the word 'womb' only 57 times, compared with 70 times by the NASB and 82 times by the ESV.  Revisions to the NIV further promote feminist distortions."] Mama Schlafly would be proud!</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2990>[ '''Andy''' tries to pull together his BotP, his CBP with Greatest Kid Achievements:] "interesting example of best of the public as a woman shouts from the crowd" is more profound because "the 'particular woman' could well have been Mark's mom, and exemplifies the best of the public here."</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2989>Karajou goes for the BIGGEST ASSHOLE AWARD of 2010, before {{TK}} can try. [ User registers,] makes no edits, and is [ blocked 128 minutes later] for "Abuse of legitimate ISP for trolling / vandalism purposes."</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2988>Nothing like starting out 2010 [ with some spiteful homophobia,] eh, '''Andy'''?</votecp>
<votecp poll=wigo2987>How reality works on Planet <s>'''Andy'''</s> Conservapedia: [ ''The Telegraph'' chooses ten conservative films] that are [ "clueless and obscure."] All the movies won major awards, and all but one were blockbusters.</votecp>

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-18 NO! Even mathimg has been corrupted by liberals. What can we do?
87TK read between the linesimg and found the word 'liberal' in this article
64A soldier didn't die!img So it's obviously JC's doing. What about all those that did die? was that JC's fault too?
18Andy: Being a liberal keeps you youngimg!
35Andy lays down the key to Obama (and future president Bob McDonnell's) electoral success...heightimg Update: They also share another electoral quality...NOT being Hillary Clintonimg

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4Can you all see the word 'Saint' in this sentence? OK, how about now?img
69Poor Jesus. Andy has him saying "Listen up"img in his project that's embarrassing to even Christian conservatives Conservative Bible.
39Great news! Ken's pimping of his pet articles is going strong! That video by NephilimFree now has more than more than 6,000 views!img To put this into perspective, this video of a cat driving a Roomba is just a few months older and has received more than 4,000,000 hits. Keep up the good fight, Ken!
30Oh noes! Bill Clinton watched the "un-American" High Noon 20 timesimg!! Of course, no mention from the same source that Ike watched it thrice and was "riveted". Oh and Andy, besides Clinton-bashing, why keep an "un-American" movie in the "Greatest Conservative Movies" list?
65Conservapedia refutes old naturalistic scientific theory on the origins of life with a new oneimg
148Fashion designer guy kills himselfimg three days after his mother dies, but it's down to him being gay. Way to exploit the depression of others to your own political ends, Andy. You tit.
33A law has been passed in South Carolina, requiring terrorists to register with the state. "It's absolutely incredible that we have these guys running our government!"img. Indeed. Incredible.
111A new Andy Insight™!img
129Uh-oh: The Schlafly brothers are at it again!img Andy: Galaxies colliding is atheism, not science.img Roger: Are you serious?img Andy: Yes. It's not science's job to predict things.img Moare: Andy suddenly decides that information he recently called "unsupported, implausible, atheistic liberal junk" isn't so bad after allimg (as long as you don't use the word "billions").
62"There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always— do not forget this, Winston— always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.img" says JacobB. Of course, the caveat applies: "If the universe lasts that long!"img
88Astronomy á là Aschlafly: 11-13 billion years ago Once upon a time, in a galaxy 2.51 ± 0.13 million light years far, farimg away...
78The Countdownimg to BMcP's banning continues. Will today be the day? Update: Another one bites the 3 billion year old 6,000 year old dustimg. Update 2: 3....2....1....Godspeed!img
-1Finallyimg TK passes along the RW suggestion.
92And lo, it came to pass; Andy finally reverts all BMcP's nonsense about the universe being more than 6000 years oldimg and the utter claptrap about celestial objects being lightyears away.img Is this the end of BMcP?
56DouglasA and Uncle Ed engage in some self-congratulatory banterimg as they show off their Shakespearean erudition about the phrase "methinks the lady doth protest too much" from Macbeth. Which is to say, Hamlet.
59Gibbs mocks Palin's notes written on hand. ANDY: Liberals' antics are childishimg!! I mean, what kind of juvenile ass mocks someoneimg for usingimg notes whileimg speaking inimg publicimg?
11 Ed's cryptic stubs grow ever more ominousimg.
-54AWOL? Or at least Away without any notice: RJJensenimg - CP's real prof and usually an industrious insomniac - Didn't edit for 17 days. (returned 12 Feb).
44Jpatt reads too much into an NPR articleimg about a billboard that no one has claimed responsibility for, to claim that Bush's popularity is making a comeback. Soon he may be more popular than Nixon?
-29DMorris is jealous of TK's power.img UPDATE: TK responds with a giant middle fingerimg
61It's not much of a surprise to anyone but Ken that Conservapedia's web traffic has increased since 2000img...perhaps because the site was created in 2006img
-3TK asserts that just stating a doctrine doesn't make it the Word of God... and proves said statement by quoting from Paul's epistlesimg.
3TK's fine with buying food supplies for Afghanistan...but not actually paying to send them there!img
9Andy's delusions continue: 33% of Iowans support the Tea Party movement. Can any future candidate win without their support?img Ask someoneimg who beat their champion.img
-3Ed Poor, 4 December 2008: Ian McKellen's take on the Bible is gossip and doesn't belong on CP.img User on 7 February 2010: Ian McKellen's extreme opinion is that he's an atheist and against capital punishment!img Oh, and that gossip thing again.img
72Yes Ed, I'm sure that's a mistake we'll all make.img
62It's Sunday, so that means another Andy insig- No! Wait! OMG! It's a Terry Koeckritz insight!img Oh wait... no it's not. It's been plagiarised from these guys.
17 Conservative makes 10 edits to trash talk Obama for not firing Harry Knox, a member of the administration's coalition for faith-based initiatives. Knox is known for having a tolerant, rational view of equality regardless of sex or sexual orientation, and he recently came under fire for speaking out against Emperor Palpatine. Ten edits and the result is a redundant tirade riddled with grammar errors. What more is needed to "insure"img (sic) the perception of CP as the lunatic fringe? Update: CP sysops prefer to leave their grammar in its errant state after a liberal user kindly points out the typo.
3Karajou makes yet more comedy goldimg in this weak week's toon.
21DouglasA's heart is in the rightimg placeimg. Sadly, we all know that'll result in death by Terry Koeckritz.
-25Terry Koeckritz makes RickDimg an unperson.img
31Arresting and shackling a twelve-year-old for petty vandalism is "tyranny"img, according to Andy "FBI Incident" Schlafly.
72Conservapedia for Dummies Chapter Three: How to Adjust the Truth. User: "Conservative bias exists. Can we make one 'political' bias page?"img JacobB: "That's silly. Liberal bias is a serious problem. Liberals deny they have a liberal bias and twist facts to fit their bias. Besides, everyone knows that people Google 'liberal bias' more than just 'bias'."img "Besides, a page on 'conservative bias' is pejorative, and we can't have that on a conservative-biased site."img RickD: "Liberals are incorrigible liars, unlike conservatives. Objectively, liberals are the worst liars."img TeaKakkke: "I'll delete conservative bias because a dirty liberal made the article."img Lies,img and bullying.img
21Karajou thinks there is no room in "Chiristianity" for liars.img
63Andy cries Liberal interferenceimg when a six year old child is suspended for taking live ammunition to school.
20RobSmith really doesn'timg like Presidentimg Barack Obamaimg
44This would only ever happen in one of those liberal-progressive countriesimg...wouldn't it?. UPDATE: User questions, Andy replies with a totally unrelated question of his ownimg. Career Limiting Move: No, JacobB, you're supposed to agreeimg with Andy.
26Conservative predicts that theist bullies will crush defenseless atheistsimg in the first round of a Texas steel cage death match debate in Godless Canada.
26TeaKakkke thinks it's absurd that the U.S. Census wants personal information.img
55Gambling: Highly addictive and can threaten the addict's capacity for a normal, healthy life.img Except, that is, when Obama advises people not to "blow a bunch of cash in Las Vegas," at which point it of course becomes every red-blooded right-winger's duty to do just that.img
31Criticizing a Democratic idea with politically-incorrect language: Perfectly fine for Republicans, but a big no-no for Democrats.img
3Must be a slow news day, if Andy can only point at a "gossipy" WP articleimg. Funny thing is, whenever I think of gossipy wiki articles, there's only oneimg that comes to mind.
27Resident parodist JacobB helpfully removes references to an old universeimg. Er... actually make that any reference to any age whatsoever, even "older" Population II stars are verboten. UPDATE: The authorimg doesn't approveimg, but JacobB isn't hearing it.img
19TeaKakkke in big bold letters on the front page: "Barack Obama Seeks $1.1 Trillion Tax Hike!"img The FoxNews article reports, "President would increase taxes on some businesses and wealthy individuals by a total of about $1.4 trillion over the next decade, while cutting taxes for workers and other businesses by about $330 billion." Isn't that what he campaigned to do, TK?
8User: "Jesus performing a miracle healing seems to violate the second law of thermodynamics."img Andy: "Do you believe eating an apple to feel better, or taking an aspirin to alleviate a headache, also violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics?"img
67Eek! President Obama's hatching another commie plot to turn the public schools into his own personal breeding ground for a private army of left-wing Alinsky socialist schoolchildren! (Of course, a Hitler Youth poster is a perfect illustration for this shocking piece of news.img)
2Remember, folks: It's only all right to snatch kids off the street and spirit them across international boundaries to your hotel orphanage if you're a Baptist wingnut from Idaho.img
63A U.S. Air Force Academy decides to show their respect of freedom of religion by establishing a Wiccan prayer circle. Jpatt's response: OH NOEZ!! We must coexist with evilimg. Followed by an incredibly lame pictureimg bought to you by TKimg. MOAR Insanity! A user challenges the headline: But the Air Force is just providing a place for cadets to worship, there is no mentioning of the Air Force adopting Wiccan practiceimg. TK: Yeah, we conservatives have "common sense."img Jpatt: Amen to that. The headline will stay as it isimg. User: You're not getting my point hereimg.


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