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More about CP

Keep up to date with all the insanity at extremist Christian conservative blog Conservapedia right here.

This page is for rolling reports of the strange, contradictory or humorous activity at Conservapedia. Archives of past months are available at:

There are are several other places where we Chronicle Conservapedia Craziness:

  • All-time classics worth preserving for eternity should be removed from this page and entered at Best of Conservapedia.
  • Much of the insanity relates to users foolishly thinking they can add sane material, or, worse yet, argue with the powers that be. They are usually banned quickly, and often in fascinating ways. See Conservapedia:Banwatch for articles of this sort.

Please add newest contributions to this list at the top.

What is going on?

Our most recent article.
* OH MY GOD! Hoji finally kicks the bucket and feeds Andy a piece of his mind. Then showdown between him and TK [1][2], but wait, does this mean TK was a parodist all along, as posted on the page of several sysops... well until DanH came along and tried to bury the evidence. Now the true end of the era (or at least for the next five years). What will happen next?
  • CP is not Wikipedia (you can say that again) where smears trump logic. Therefore, CP will continue to defend a neo-Nazi against protestors in order to make liberals look bad. Oh, and we'll block the guy who tried to tell us it was a bad idea. I guess they really are competition for M*t*pedia after all.