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(I hate all you fuckers)
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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Welcome to Tetronian's user page!}}
<option weight = 3><big>'''(He's too lazy to make a better one)'''</big></option>
<option weight = 3><big>'''In Soviet Russia, Conservapedia calls Poe on YOU!!!'''</big></option>
<option weight = 3><big>'''So did he trick you into coming here, or what?'''</big></option>
== Fun websites ==
*My [http://inside-bills-head.blogspot.com old blog] (has many fun rants).
*[http://xkcd.com xkcd]. Need I say more?
*[http://punditkitchen.com Some nonsensical humor].
*[http://graphjam.com (Slightly) more intelligent humor].
==Things I've written==
=== Started ===
*[[Essay:Conservapedia's evolution]]
=== Worked on ===
*[[Cold War]]
== List of batshit crazy things said by people I previously assumed to be completely sane ==
* One of my friends believes that the reason certain ancient civilizations became advanced and technological and others did not (for example, Fertile Crescent Societies compared to Mesoamerican ones)  is because the more advanced civilizations were [[racism|genetically superior]]. Um, ''[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guns,_Germs,_and_Steel Guns, Germs, and Steel]'' much? 
* This summer I was talking to someone about gay marriage, and he seemed to be ok about the idea until I suggested that same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children; then he became livid and warned me that this would lead to the "extinction of the human race." WTF?
* My own father suggested that racism can be cured by "not talking about it." Wait, what???
== List of batshit crazy things I actually believed in (for however short a time) ==
[[Image:Waffle.jpg|thumb|300px|right|This user has no idea what he believes in.]]
*[[Pyrrhonism]] (one week)
*Utilitarianism (two weeks)
*[[Libertarianism]] (one month, from reading too much Heinlein)
*[[Authoritarianism]] (went along with my utilitarian phase)
*[[Determinism]] (one day)
*[[Objectivism]] (ten minutes)
*[[Mutually Assured Destruction]] (still not sure about this one)

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