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So. I'm leaving. The reason is quite simple. RationalWiki is a cliche, and I was foolish for not realizing it. Sure, new editors emerge, but they don't contribute as much, are not accepted, or leave shortly after they arrive. The backbone of the site hasn't changed one bit. And it should. Right now, the backbone consists mostly of people who have antitheistic views. This causes RationalWiki to become a system which is much like Dawkins, ignoring many of the good intentions religious people can have. Oh, and there seems to be a starting assumption that fundamentalists are always wrong. So, people like me, the more moderate people who would acknowledge when our enemies are right (and always screw up), no matter how salvegable, are outside the circle. And, if you're outside the circle, then you're never actually going to become part of the wiki.

Bye. See you later, if you can find me. I am going to set up another wiki, and try to make it better than this one by fixing some of the long-standing problems. Flame me all you want. I won't be here to hear it.