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{{Userbox |border-c=#000 |border-s=1 |id-c=#fff |id-s=12 |id-fc=#000 |info-c=#DC143C |info-s=8 |info-fc=#fff |id=[[Image:Stop_hand.png|45px]] |info=<center><big>This user has [[deceit]]fully blocked {{#ifeq:{{{1}}}|1||}} '''{{{2|[[User:Norseman|Norseman]]}}}'''.</big></center>}}<noinclude><br><br>
{{User Jewish}}
{{User Jewish}}

Revision as of 02:54, 26 August 2008

Only -312 days left to add anti-Bush snark to this template! (metajoke).

Stop hand.png
This user has deceitfully blocked Norseman.


Star of David.png This user is Jewy script.GIF.
הנה מה-טוב ומה נעים, שבת אחים גם-יחד
This user is an Elder of Zion and is currently in the process of taking over the world. In secret, obviously.
This user thinks English Bible quotes are for wimps and goes back to the original Hebrew.
This user will not touch the cursed fruits of teh figs


Barack speaking.jpg This user has a lot of Hope.
George w bush.jpeg This user would rather eat the chunks of corn in their crap than support George W. Bush.
This user is
and is not going to take it anymore!
50 States flag.png
This user thinks there is a lot more to the world than this.
Conservlogo late april.png
This user believes in free speech for everyone - even idiots.
This user believes
in universal healthcare
This user believes in the right to bear frickin' sweet guns.
This user supports the IDF.


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This user has 5 blocks on Conservapedia.
Bare foot.jpg
This user goes barefoot.
I had, and have, no socks.
Andy.gif This user was blocked at Conservapedia for daring to question this man's essay on Marriage.

Random Shit

Minesweeper logo.png This user enjoys playing Minesweeper.

DLerner is a rational editor at Conservapedia.

Many have wondered why the hell does he even bother, the truth is, he doesn't quite know himself.

It has been hinted that he is the head of the Jewish conspiracy to control the internets.

About Me

I'm a Chassidic (Chabad) Jew FFB (insiders lingo), went to Cheder and Yeshivah, have been a bit of a reader and am of course better informed then most of my colleagues. Studied for and received Semicha (That's Rabbinic Ordination, I'm still waiting for RW to nominate me as their official chaplain...).

A US native who currently lives in Oz, I enjoy US politics, polemics, history and decent Television programs, (which kind of limits me to HBO but what can you do). I'm a fire-breathing liberal who enjoys engaging debates with well-informed intelligent people, even if they are conservative.



A few days ago this comment by LT was brought to my attention, handing out long blocks for people having opinions is "just a warning". I am right now on a one week block for calling an essay a load of tripe. Now, last time I checked "tripe" isn't a bad word, and it wasn't an ad hominem attack either, I didn't say Andy was full of crap (well, at least not over there). If they don't want it to be just a few sysops constantly reaffirming their own beliefs, they really have to take it easy. But really, who am I kidding?


I'm annoyed more and more each day with the Conservapedia elitists (a term used properly when applied to them, even though they cling to guns and religion...) who think they have a monopoly on religion. I dare say I pray more then them, (three times a day, blessings before and after food etc.). I go to shul every single day, I'm even an ordained Rabbi! But because I'm a liberal, all that turns to shit.

On a lot of religious issues I'll even agree with them in principle, but it's not enough. To be respected on Conservapedia, you have to believe that Gays, Evolution, Vaccines and of course - liberals, are the source of everything bad in this world. (Oh, and abortions cause breast cancer, you have to believe that too). DLerner 05:39, 16 June 2008 (EDT)