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==<center>'''The Time Is Near'''</center>==
{{Sysop pledge}}
<b><i><big><font face="Comic Sans MS">"All that you know is at an end."</font></big><br/>
:<font face="Comic Sans MS">~ The</font> <font face="Comic Sans MS" color="C0C0C0">Silver Surfer</font><font face="Comic Sans MS"> on Everything.</font></i></b>
<font face="Comic Sans MS">{{userboxtop|Let me 'splain.  No there is too much.  Let me sum up:}}
{{User political compass|-8.1|-6.0}}
{{User CreepyAndy}}
{{User wackopedia}}
{{User public school}}
{{User ClintonFan}}
{{User environment}}
{{User more than this}}
{{User FDRFan}}
{{User BadBush}}
{{User CornyBush}}
{{User free speech}}
{{User Universal Healthcare}}
{{User bad pledge}}
{{User dem 4 prez}}
{{User hella}}
{{User atheist}}
{{User BadReligion}}
{{User bothered}}
{{User Evo2}}
{{User bigbang}}
{{User is ape}}
{{User faith vs science}}
{{User old earth}}
'''I'm a man who knows what he hates.'''
Here's a list that will inevitably grow and could become quite long:
*[[fundy loon|Willfully ignorant people (probably already covered by Conservatives above)]]
*[[Fun:Carny|Carnies]] (small hands, smell like cabbage)
*[[Cult|Organized religion]]
*Knowing that many terrible things will happen today
:*Knowing that I can't do anything about them
::*Knowing that many of those that can, won't
*[[wp:Treehouse_of_Horror_VI|Lousy Smarch weather]]
*[[wp:The Princess Bride|MLTs (Mutton, Lettuce, and Tomato)]]
[[User:Edgerunner76/Sandbox|My Sandbox]]
My personal [[User:Edgerunner76/Side-by-Side|Side-by-Side refutation]] template page
[[User:Edgerunner76/sig|Signature page]]
<font face="Comic Sans MS">
==What has dropped from my (metaphorical) womb==
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createdby = Edgerunner76
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shownamespace = false
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The Time Is Near