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m (Are some in-jokes funny or just stupid?)
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==Your own topics==
==Your own topics==
===Is RatWiki becoming a haven for children with strange non-mission agendas?===

Revision as of 10:29, 17 February 2008

Some debate topics for me to practice on. Feel free to add more at the bottom.


Are some in-jokes funny or just stupid?

  • Being a Fisher Price fanatic, I believe it started out as stupid crap. Although it did have a unique spark, which is why the admins liked it. That spark was captured perfectly with Fisher Price: A Retrospective. Also, FP:AR made it funnier by parodying the IP garbage as "literary genius". -- Kip teh DipTalk 10:22, Feb. 17, 2008

Is Oscar Wilde being replaced by alternative Noel Coward quotes?

My stance: Yes

Family Guy

Legitamite satire?

My stance: Some of the time

Jumped the shark?

My stance: Yes

Your own topics

Is RatWiki becoming a haven for children with strange non-mission agendas?