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This user cannot be bothered to make or use userboxes. Well, they have made [[Template:User semicolon|a]] [[Template:User boinc|few]], but they still refuse to use them. They wanted to make a userbox indicating this, but that would defeat the point. This user is a {{ad hom}}, and has a {{adjective}} {{noun}}. This user has donated £e<sup>iπ</sup>+1 to Rationalwiki.
Leaving until people grow up.
<span style="font-family:Tengwar Formal">- eG h~M z5# 7~V2 4iT 45$ h~M x1R `C z~Mz~V Á</span>
Ignore these. They are merely a figment of your imagination, as is this message.
{{User Great Exodus}}
{{User Mei|{{gerund}}}}

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Leaving until people grow up.