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What Qualities Should A Bureaucrat Have?

A bureaucrat is the true voice of the people in a Wiki project. He or she is supported and recognized by all as a fair administrator of the rules, who does not spark controversy, but instead mollifies it, bringing users together rather than splitting them apart. I cannot think of someone more diametrically opposed to everything the position entails than Conservative is. He never writes an article; he quotes pundits at length, pasting their opinions in for his own. He never responds to questions; he bans users or protects his talk page, or simply refuses to reply. He never mediates disputes; he creates them. Truly, I cannot imagine why someone who has been protested so much as a sysop would be recommended as a bureaucrat.-AmesG yo! 10:46, 26 April 2007 (EDT) [1]

Thanks to Hoji, for unearthing that quote! [2]