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Sysops can also see some extra special pages.

Sysops ("system operators" or "administrators") are the gods of most wikis. To be made a Sysop is a boastable offense on other wikis (to show how awesome other wikis think you are), however, on RationalWiki, pretty much anyone who isn't an obvious vandal makes a number of useful contributions is made a Sysop, usually a few weeks to a few months after signing up (essentially whenever people take notice of you). Sysops with a mighty click can cast down empires, shatter user accounts, and create an impenetrable wall between random trolls and the evil non-Euclidean vandals who lurk beyond our recent changes page. As such, give thanks to us yourself, or ye shall surely be lost.

There are at present 676 sysops on RationalWiki. Everyone present at the time of this number hitting 666 received cake.[citation NOT needed]

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