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Bart Sibrel is a conspiracy theorist notable mostly for having been punched in the face by Buzz Aldrin.[1] Sibrel has created two "documentary" movies alleging that the Moon landings were hoaxed and the astronauts only reached low Earth orbit.


[edit] Movies

Most of these are available on his personal YouTube account, but Sibrel has closed all comments on them.

[edit] Astronauts Gone Wild

Much in the style of James O'Keefe, Sibrel prefers to use deceptive and outright shameful tactics in order to catch astronauts doing compromising things so he can say "Gotcha!." In a video with Ed Mitchell, Sibrel challenges Mitchell to hit him so he can sue. In the case of Aldrin, he followed around and harassed him, calling him names to his face until Buzz had finally had enough.[2]

[edit] AFTH LLC

AFTH is Sibrel's production company, so if you try following a link to a video of the punching incident on YouTube and you get a message saying it was taken down because it contains content copyrighted by "AFTH LLC", you know who it is. ("AFTH" are the initials of A Funny Thing Happened.)

[edit] Taxi Driver

In 2009, Sibrel got in trouble with the law over an incident of road parking rage (he got on the hood of a car and jumped up and down several times). At that time he was working as a taxi driver, but there's no evidence suggesting he was wearing a mohawk.[3]

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[edit] References

  1. No charges were filed
  2. The raw, unedited video of the incident. If Buzz had planted his back foot more firmly, he'd have had the sucker down, despite their difference in size; poor technique, sharpen up next time.
  3. Inside Story: Apollo Conspiracy Theorist Arrested After Tirade
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