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Essay:Heterosexuality is a sin against logic

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For your information: Some drive-by editor spammed us with this, and though we decided not to delete it, we don't really care much for it. The talk page is probably a lot more interesting than the actual essay.

Heterosexuality is a sin against logic. Homosexuality, is at the very worst, a sin against arbitrary social norms. Heterosexuality, however, even at its very best, is a cardinal sin against logic itself. Heterosexuality is irrational and heterosexuals are the leading cause of irrationality in the world today. All rational people will oppose heterosexuality completely.

What is irrational about heterosexuality you may ask? Let me tell you - the heterosexual desires those who desire what they themselves do not desire. Heterosexuality is a sin because it violates Kant's categorical imperative - "Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law." The male heterosexual desires the female, and yet simultaneously desires that the female desire not the female, but rather the male. Likewise, the female heterosexual desires the male, and yet simultaneously desires that the male desire not the male, but rather the female. Heterosexuality is a form of sexual hypocrisy - expecting others to desire what one will not desire one's self. Heterosexuality is a moral failing.

Heterosexuals are overcome with self-hatred, for desiring not those who are like themselves, they cannot truly desire themselves. The heterosexual cannot handle being desired for they cannot participate in that desire of which they are an object. The heterosexual is lost and confused, damned and reprobate. Except through the rejection of heterosexuality, none can be saved.

God hates heterosexuality, and you should too. But we must hate the sin while loving the sinner. Heterosexuals are suffering from a disease of the mind, and we must pray earnestly that medical science will find a cure for their disease.

Abandon heterosexuality today; turn from your sins.

Warn your children about the grave danger which the heterosexual lifestyle poses to their souls; encourage them to denounce and reject heterosexuality.

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