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A fact is something that happened, like a certain mutation in the DNA of a gamete, or the DEC/Compaq merger.[citation NOT needed]

This is not to be confused with a theory,[citation NOT needed] such as descent with variation, which tries to explain how these two facts came about.[citation NOT needed] In other words, a fact is a piece of data,[citation NOT needed] and a theory is a model which provides [citation NOT needed] a framework for that data which can be tested by collecting new facts.[citation NOT needed]

Nevertheless, in modern parlance,[citation NOT needed] the word "fact" has come to mean something which cannot be questioned,[citation NOT needed] while the world "theory" is tossed [citation NOT needed] around almost as a pejorative. So we hear assertions by one side that "human-caused global warming is a fact" [citation NOT needed] or "evolution is a fact" and replies on the other side that "global warming is just a theory" or "evolution is just a theory".[citation NOT needed]

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