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The RationalMedia Foundation is the sole support mechanism for RationalWiki and our family of websites. Our traffic has continued to grow every year, as we have become a go-to site for people looking to debunk pseudoscience and fight ignorance in its many forms. As our traffic and content has grown we have had to make substantial changes to the underlying infrastructure. Long gone are the days of RW surviving on a box at the foot of my bed in a one-room apartment in Canada. These days we are running on a system of 6 different Linux servers, with multiple redundancies, load balancing, and reverse caching to keep content delivered to you reliably and quickly.

This is not cheap! We have substantial infrastructure expenses every year, and at the same time, we have to contend with multiple individuals trying to shut us down. We have been sued multiple times. We still have one active lawsuit pending against us, and receive nearly weekly threats. Having resources on hand to address these issues gives us the power to continue being often the sole source of quality and accurate information about a range of topics!

Trent Toulouse

Operations Manager — RationalMedia Foundation

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