Congratulations to the 2015-16 RationalMedia Foundation Board of Trustees (in alphabetical order): User:David_Gerard, User:Human, User:ListenerX, User:Stabby_the_Misanthrope, and User:Scream!!.

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The RationalMedia Foundation has come a long way with your help.

Will you help us go further, by expanding our mission and access to the content you rely on?

We need your support now more than ever.

February 2014 was the first time in history that RationalWiki exceeded 1.5 million unique visitors in a single month. We were actually closer to 2 million, and February is a short month! Our daily base traffic has grown exponentially and accommodating staggering amounts of spike traffic coming from Facebook, Reddit, and other fora, has been a welcome challenge. Naturally, our server costs have greatly increased as traffic grows.

This is the best possible problem a website can have, but many of you have probably noticed occasional slow-downs and errors during periods of heavy traffic. In an effort to maintain the quality of service you expect, our tech volunteers have completely revamped the underlying site architecture, including adding additional servers and new connection management. None of this is free!

On top of growing operating costs, the Foundation and RationalWiki face new risks: they have become targets for enemies of free speech seeking to squelch the kind of critical analysis you've come to expect. We get multiple legal threats a week ranging from copyright infringement over fair-use material to claims of defamation.

As many of you know, creationist Kent Hovind recently filed a lawsuit against the RationalMedia Foundation in Florida federal court over factual claims made in RW's article on him. We are committed to vigorously defending the site. Indeed, Hovind’s lawsuit may ironically provide an opportunity to vindicate the ability of interactive computer services like RationalWiki to offer a forum for a true diversity of political discourse, unique opportunities for cultural development, and myriad avenues for intellectual activity!

Our present goal is to raise $6,000. Since the RationalMedia Foundation is run entirely by volunteers, we are able to ensure that every single penny you give goes directly to cover increasing operating costs like those for our server needs and expanding our mission.

Supporters like you are the only reason the RationalMedia Foundation has been able to provide you with the content that drew you to us in the first place. We would be grateful for your continued generosity — we really can’t do it without you! Every dollar counts.


Jacob (aka Stabby the Misanthrope)

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