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There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt! Da da da da da da da!!

I created this account with a single purpose: to go after the anti-vaxxers. Everything else is secondary and tertiary.

I am a born-again RationalWikian, who previously edited under a different account some time ago. Who that account was doesn't matter. What matters is that we use the current opportunity to go after the anti-vaxxers.

[edit] Misc.

Ever since taking some management leadership courses, I've been obsessed with learning about peoples' different personality styles, and more importantly, trying to effectively communicate with them on what I feel is their level.

According to an anonymous survey of my employees, they ranked me as a "strong driver" insofar as my personality style is concerned. If you are wondering how best to communicate with me or, even, what the fuck I am talking about as far as personality styles go, here are a couple good articles for reference.

[edit] Also

Also, I am working hard on trying to write a fiction novel. When I am not around, it probably means I am working on this. When I am around, it usually means writer's block has struck again.

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