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Engineering is, more or less, the application of math and science to solve or reduce everyday problems, such as damming a river or creating a more efficient airplane. It is not a science, though, just as a practicing physician isn't a physiologist. The sciences are more theoretical and primarily deal with natural phenomena, not man-made objects.

[edit] Conservatism

Engineering seems to attract creationists like nothing else. While some engineers are simply scientists who want more applied work (look at computational fluid dynamics or combustion research and you'll see scientists and mathematicians with engineering titles), there are plenty of engineers who view fundamental science as magic which cannot be questioned, a clear analog to the link between engineering and creationism.

The field is, overall, more conservative than the natural sciences as a whole. Unlike most fields of the traditional sciences, engineers overwhelmingly enter industry, which is associated with conservative politics.

[edit] Disciplines

There are five major disciplines in this field.

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Industrial and Systems engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Electrical engineering

In college, the last two are known to ravage GPA's, although some people can still do well in them. Many more specialized disciplines exist, such as biomedical engineering and petroleum engineering.

Regarding the first two in the above list, a common joke goes, "Mechanical engineers design weapons, and civil engineers design targets."

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