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Joseph Mercola

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Mercola injecting himself into interjecting at the 2009 International [anti-]Vaccine Conference.
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Joseph Mercola, doctor of osteopathy, is a popular guru of alternative medicine and naturopathy.[1] He is a member of the right-wing quack outfit Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

Mercola advocates and provides a forum for many classic crank medical ideas, such as vaccine hysteria and the belief that modern (sorry, "allopathic") medicine kills more people than it helps. His website is a veritable spring of pseudoscience, quackery, and logical fallacies. He is also a promoter of the idea of an AMA/Big Pharma/FDA conspiracy.[2]

Despite his claim that unlike other doctors, he is not interested in profit,[3] he advertises all manner of unproven products, and has a health center that dispenses alternative medicine for a steep price.[4]


[edit] Issues

In addition to the aforementioned issues, Mercola promotes various disproved crank health ideas such as:

  • Toxic metals in vaccines and dental fillings. The idea of heavy metal poisoning as being responsible for many common health problems is a popular one, and completely wrong. The studies of mercury in dental amalgams and vaccines are conclusive – there is no danger (which is more than can be said for the unnecessary chelation therapy that quacks prescribe to fix the "problem").[5]
  • Statin drugs are dangerous. This one is particularly horrible, as few medications or interventions have been found to be as safe and effective as statins. Failing to prescribe a statin to someone with coronary artery disease is very much against the standard of care (meaning that it could be construed as malpractice).
  • Microwaves "kill nutrients in food." No more than ovens do.[6]
  • Modern medicine kills you dead, but homeopathy works! (Fractal wrongness).
  • HIV doesn't cause AIDS and death from HIV is due to the "psychological stress" of having the condition. But he has a cure![7]
  • GMOs are every bit as harmful as excessive sugar and processed food.[8]
  • Eyeglasses denial[9], which is as pointless and harmful as it sounds.
  • Seriously, just pick a scientifically unsupported concern out of a hat, anything from aspartame to water fluoridation.

[edit] FDA warnings

Mercola has received two warnings from the FDA for hyping coconut oil, chlorella, and the Living Fuel RxTM diet.[10][11] He received a third warning for selling infrared cameras that he claimed could be used to diagnose a number of illnesses.[12]

[edit] Birds of a feather...

In what can only be termed a alternative medicine practitioner group hug, Mercola has recently come to the defense of the Burzynski Clinic despite the obvious pitfalls of doing so.[13]

[edit] External links

[edit] References

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