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The National Organization for Marriage is an American political action group that opposes same-sex marriage.


[edit] It's Gonna Start Raining Men...RUN!

NOM is perhaps best known for its "Gathering Storm" ad, released in 2009, which features a bunch of people greenscreened in front of dark storm clouds. They make it sound like Hurricane Homo has reached category 5 and is about to make landfall:[1]

"There's a storm gathering."
"The clouds are dark and the winds are strong."
"And I am afraid."

The irony meter breaks at the end when NOM affiliate Damon Owens appears to tell us his multi-ethnic "rainbow coalition" offers a ray of hope.[1] Everyone else in the ad is an actor, and none of them seem very passionate about NOM's cause, if the leaked casting videos are anything to go by.[2][3]

[edit] Also of note

Ender's Game author Orson Scott Card was on the board of directors for NOM from 2009 to 2013. He quietly stepped down, possibly to avoid issues with the pending release of the film of the same name.[4]

[edit] Further Irony

NOM has had some trouble with its abbreviations, particularly "2M4M" and "PNP". The former means "two men seeking another man (for a threesome)"; The latter stands for "party and play", referring to drugs and sex.[5][6]

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[edit] References

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