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This page offers information on how to obtain complete content dumps of RationalWiki for backup or for forking the project at other locations.

Most of the content at RationalWiki is released under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, which means it is freely available for reuse by anyone as long as any modifications are released under the same or similar license and credit is given to RationalWiki as the source. For complete licensing information refer to RationalWiki:Copyrights.

While manual replication of content is easiest for a few pages only, content dumps are ideal for complete replication of the site or for content backup.

These dumps are created nightly using the dumpbackup script which outputs into xml format that can be imported into other mediawiki installations. For information on how to import these dumps refer to mediawiki documentation here.

The available content dump is for the current revision of each page only, full history is too large and takes too long to generate and should not be needed for forked projects. The total size is greater than 100 megabytes. Keep in mind these are not full backups of RationalWiki as certain meta-information, user names, passwords, and image data are not included.

David Gerard (talk) should get off his backside and contact about hosting the dumps and the anonymised hit logs ...

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