G'day, fellow RationalWikians! Don't forget to visit the Campaign page of the 2016 Board of trustees election in order to make your voice heard. Suggested activities include:

  • Endorsing select candidates (lending a hand to your loyal henchmen and/or glorious overlords!)
  • Anti-endorsing select candidates (character-assassinating your hated opponents!)
  • Providing moar goat (please wipe afterwards)
  • Just asking questions to the candidates

Your participation might help other users better direct their votes. More importantly, it'll show the world that we've yet to go full Citizendium in terms of election hype!

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Do not censor me

Fragment of a discussion from User talk:Miekal/LQT
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When you decide to not be an annoying troll, i will.

~ <3 mikal
il'Dictator Mikal18:00, 27 April 2012

What is the mouse for?

Talsley (talk)18:03, 27 April 2012


il'Dictator Mikal18:04, 27 April 2012

<3 A mouse head.

Talsley (talk)18:04, 27 April 2012

Boring troll.

Colonel Sanders (talk)18:14, 27 April 2012

Sub standard corporate murder joint.

Talsley (talk)18:20, 27 April 2012

most people call that a heart

il'Dictator Mikal18:51, 27 April 2012

No, it looks like a little mouse's head. A heart is wider and flipped from that.

Talsley (talk)18:53, 27 April 2012

ok, you go ahead and believe that a < and 3 put next to each other ISN'T used for a heart on the internet.

il'Dictator Mikal18:59, 27 April 2012


Talsley (talk)19:01, 27 April 2012
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