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American Atheists

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American Atheists is an organization in the United States that promotes atheism and encourages atheists to be open about their lack of belief in God. It is currently headed by David Silverman.

In March 2012, American Atheists started a campaign to encourage atheists in the Jewish and Muslim communities to be open about their lack of belief.[1]

As of December 2012, the Public Relations Director of American Atheists was Teresa MacBain, a former Methodist Pastor who dramatically came out at the American Atheist Convention in March 2012.[2] MacBain has since returned to religion after being less than truthful on several occasions.[3]

In July 2013 American Atheists created a stir by erecting a granite bench with quotes from Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Madalyn Murray O'Hair, the founder of American Atheists. This was done as a counterpoint to a monument with the Ten Commandments at the same site outside a courthouse. The group plans to build more atheist monuments if more religious monuments are erected in public spaces. [4]

In June 2015, American Atheists spoke out against a North Carolina "religious bigotry freedom" law that had passed despite the veto of the governor.[5] This law, like many of the "religious freedom" laws, is specifically targeted to allow discrimination against homosexuals trying to get married.

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