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Deep South Paranormal is yet another embarrassingly silly ghost hunting TV series from the geniuses that gave us Ghost Hunters and Haunted Collector.


[edit] Premise

A group of Louisiana ghost hunters are encouraged to act like caricatures of ignorant rednecks. In addition to seeking out spooks using pseudoscientific electronic gear with lots of blinky lights, they do endearing "Southern" things like eat grits, yell while waving a rebel flag, plunk out Lynyrd Skynyrd tunes on guitars in order to "engage the spirits", and utter cute sayings like "even the Sun shines on a dog's ass once in a while".[1][2]

[edit] Frog breath

One episode features one of the ghost hunters demonstrating what is charmingly described as "an old Southern remedy used to drive off evil spirits" involving sucking the breath from a frog and storing it in a glass vial.[3]

[edit] Cast

The cast appears to be carefully chosen for their scintillating personalities.[4]

  • A guy with a ZZ Top beard
  • A guy who spits and chews tobacco
  • A guy who hails from "the bayou"
  • Three additional guys with beards and baseball caps

[edit] Reception

There are probably worse things than making a fast buck off regional stereotypes, but when Variety describes a show as a ridiculous ploy to cash in on the current "redneck wave" of reality television, you know it's in deep trouble.[5]

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