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If you are considering suicide, you are not alone, and there is help.

If you know someone who is considering suicide, the same applies.

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Suicide is the act of deliberately killing oneself. It is most frequently attempted, though not exclusively, as a result of mental health issues. As such, it represents a significant cause of preventable death, because people generally respond extremely well to timely intervention and treatment.


[edit] Religion

Suicide is viewed by various religions as a sin, including Islam (which puts a damper on suicide bombers claims to those 74 virgins), Judaism, Hinduism and some groups of Christianity (despite Jesus Christ basically committing suicide-by-proxy),[1] usually because of "thou shalt not kill", sanctity of life, God's will, and such stuff. God is considered infinitely loving and compassionate, but by this logic has little or no compassion for those whose desperation and misery overcomes their survival instinct.

Treating suicide as a mortal sin is almost certainly a retrofit, due to the discovery that preaching eternal happiness in heaven, as the Christian faith does, led to people killing themselves in order to get there faster, a trend which ended with Augustine of Hippo's redefinition of suicide as a sin, rather than a valid means of martyrdom.[2]

It should be noted that modern Catholic doctrine acknowledges that most suicides happen due to mental illness, and thus not a mortal sin due to lack of moral responsibility.

[edit] Assisted suicide

Assisted suicide, a form of euthanasia, is where an individual is given the means necessary to kill themselves, such as by their physician. Assisted suicide is a controversial issue, and illegal in many countries.[3]

[edit] Suicide threats

The threat of suicide can make a person feel manipulated; while these threats should be taken seriously, people who are faced with threats of suicide by others should not allow themselves to be manipulated by them.[4] [5] [6] The FAQ of the pro-suicide choice newsgroup (ASH) argues that expressed suicidal ideation is often misinterpreted as manipulation because people believe that a truly suicidal person would have killed themselves already.

The person could simply wish to discuss whether suicide is the best option because he is not yet sure and wants input from others. The a.s.h. FAQ claims "Many complicating factors require significant time to think through in order to decide whether or not to commit suicide. But even if one has decided to exit, there is also a matter of choosing, planning, and carrying out a suicide method. Suicide is not easy . . . and many people require much deliberation before deciding how to go about it."[7] Eight out of ten people considering suicide give some sign of their intentions. People who talk about suicide, threaten suicide, or call suicide crisis centers are 30 times more likely than average to kill themselves.[8]

[edit] Dissident views

Thomas Szasz drew a comparison between suicide and self-medication, arguing that both are activities that were once allowed by law and that, according to libertarian theory, should be re-legalized as basic human rights.[9]

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  1. It is thought by some that Jesus' death counts as sacrifice (to forgive humanity's sins), however, this means an omnipotent God sacrificed his son and/or himself in order to forgive. It has been argued that it does not count as a sacrifice at all. It's also possible for something to be both a sacrifice and suicide of course.
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