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Ed Dames

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Edward A. Dames is a retired US Army major. He says he was trained by Ingo Swann as a remote viewer in Project Star Gate while serving in the Army, but since the military doesn't publish organizational charts of their classified projects, it's anybody's guess what his role was or what he actually did.


[edit] Career

According to one report, some of his Project Star Gate colleagues pranked Dames by informing him that a remote viewing session had gathered data indicating a man dressed in a red suit was flying over the North Pole in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Dames interpreted this as being a warning of an imminent missile attack.[1]

After leaving the Army, he founded his own company called Psi Tech to offer "remote viewing services."[2] Dames went on to team up with Harry DeLigter, whose company Light Productions produced videos on paranormal subjects. However, DeLigter sued Dames and Psi Tech after Dames reportedly tried to cut him out of the profits. Dames was forced to cough up $435,000 after a breach of contract judgment and stepped down as president of Psi Tech, which was then taken over by his ex-wife Joni Dourif. He later claimed that he left the company for "ethical reasons". Dames then set up a new company, the TRV Institute.[3]

Later Dane Spotts, who became CEO of Psi Tech, claimed that Bonsall illegally gained entry to Dourif's house and made off with several boxes of files belonging to Psi Tech, which he allegedly handed over to Dames.[3] Spotts filed a lawsuit against Dames, his wife Jane, and Bonsall.[4] According to "remote viewer" Aaron Donahue, Dames mentored him until the pair had a falling out.[5]

[edit] Predictions

Dames is notorious for making predictions of catastrophic, Armageddon-like events, earning him the nickname "Dr. Doom".

  • According to ufowatchdog, he said the world would be destroyed by alien fungus spores in 1998.[6]
  • Claimed that a wheat fungus would begin in Africa, and eventually spread to the Americas.[7][8]
  • He claimed "a series of powerful, deadly solar flares" he termed "the killshot" would impact the Earth and wipe out civilization between 2011 and 2013.

Poor Ed Dames. If any of his various "end of the world" predictions come true, no one will be around to give him credit. But hey, two remote viewers each won the "Texas Pick Three" lottery twice. So he's got that. [9]

[edit] Aliens

In 1993, Dames claimed that he and his team of remote viewers had remotely viewed UFOs landing in the New Mexico desert, which contains colonies of hibernating aliens from a dying planet, and learned that alien-human hybrid children were in existence "not far from Earth". Reportedly, Dames has since denied making these claims.[10]

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