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Egotheism (ego — self, theos — God) is the deification of the self, or the belief that "you are God." The term was coined by Elizabeth Palmer Peabody.[1] It is common for people with egotheistic views to assert phrases such as "we are all our own gods."

In religion[edit]

This belief is perhaps most prevalent in LaVeyan Satanism, which posits that each individual is essentially their own God, meaning they are the master of their own reality. However, Satanists rarely use the term egotheism, instead preferring "apotheosis".

In Hinduism, practitioners identify themselves with God through their atman ("soul"). In a sense, this is a form of egotheism, as they believe God is within themselves, however, they don't exactly deify themselves.

God complex[edit]

The belief that one is infallible and therefore a god, is known as the "God complex". It exists among some cult leaders and other delusional people but does not appear in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders because the DSM explicitly excludes religion-related diagnoses.

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