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Erik Rush

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One of the


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And a dirty dozen more

Erik Rush is an extreme-right pundit and contributor to Fox News, WND and Canada Free Press. He has recently treated us to such delightful opinions as "All Muslims should die for the Boston Marathon bombing"[1] and "The Obama Administration will bring about the Apocalypse."[2] He has repeatedly called for an armed revolution against the American government and believes Obama to be a Marxist "tyrant" who will use Muslims as foot soldiers against the American people.[3] To top it all, he believes that white Americans are suffering from "Negrophilia", an "undue and inordinate affinity for blacks". Keep in mind that he himself is an African-American.[4]

One has to wonder whether he's just trying to carve a niche as the furthest-right voice in global politics.

[edit] Quote

"As some of us predicted in 2010, it has now become evident that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) is nothing more than the framework for a totalitarian state." -Erik Rush

"You area mindless orifice." -Erik Rush "[5]

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