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A fringe is the outer edge or margin of something. In the context of society, it refers to people who exist outside of the normative way of thinking. In general, the people who are considered to be "on the fringe" have political, religious, scientific, or social views that are very different from the mainstream.

Political fringe[edit]

On the right, the fringe consists of fundamentalists, fascists, anarcho-capitalists, white supremacists, and other loons. On the left, it consists of revolutionary socialists and communists, especially in a Maoist or Stalinist form. Most conspiracy theorists of any political leanings are considered "fringe." In countries where these groups have a significant amount of support they stop being "fringe" and become "extremists." The term "lunatic fringe" has a tendency to be bandied about whenever mentioning a group one particularly does not care for.

Other uses[edit]

  • Fringe science refers to pseudoscience that is far removed from the academic mainstream. So, basically, all of it.
  • A Fringe theory is a bizarre or highly unlikely conspiracy theory that most people have never even heard of.
  • A Fringe party is a political party or faction that only garners a small percent of the vote because of its extreme views.
  • The Edinburgh Fringe - a series of artistic events in August in the Scottish capital (which may or may not involve an influx of midges).

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Fringe right[edit]

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