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Hemant Mehta is an American atheist activist, blogger, and author. He's known for selling his soul on eBay, eating babies,[1] and not being an asshole to believers. His blog, Friendly Atheist, is currently hosted on Patheos. When he was a math teacher but is now as full time atheist activist. If you are looking for a popular atheist YouTuber, his channel "The Atheist Voice" is a far better alternative to that other guy.


[edit] Books

Mehta has written (and published) several books. He rose to fame after the events described in I Sold My Soul on eBay (2007, ISBN 978-1400073474). The Young Atheist's Survival Guide: Helping Secular Students Thrive (2012, ISBN 978-1939221070) is intended to help students cope with the social consequences of coming out as atheists and stand up to teachers and administrators trying to inject religion in public schools.

[edit] The Friendly Atheist

While the Friendly Atheist is primarily Mehta's blog, he has a number of co-bloggers, and he also accepts submissions.

[edit] Women's issues

Menhta took up the case of of a pastor's wife. Christians treated her unsympathetically when she filed for separation from her husband citing, physical, spiritual and emotional abuse and some abuse was proved through court records. [2] Menhta also criticised different Christians who opposed abortion rights. [3]

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