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John Ankerberg

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John Ankerberg (b. 1935) is a televangelist from Chattanooga, Tennessee who is mostly known for denouncing "cults", which in his case means just about anyone who isn't a Southern Baptist. He is probably best known for his feud with rival televangelist Jim Bakker which led Ankerberg and Jimmy Swaggart to break the untimely news about Bakker's adultery scandal.[1] His ministry is called the Ankerberg Theological Research Institute and he is the author of some 87 books and counting, including such titles as God in 60 Seconds (which is not about car theft). He believes Roman Catholicism is a false religion,[2] and believes the current interest in such texts as the Nag Hammadi texts and the hypothetical Q gospel is a liberal plot to undermine the credibility of the canonical New Testament.

He also has a wiki,[3] and has the chutzpah to include a science section on his website[4] where we are confronted with such profound questions as "Are the Genesis Creation Days 24 Hours or Long Periods of Time?" and a DVD ironically titled Scientific Evidence for Skeptics.

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