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Objective: Ministries

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Objective: Ministries is a parody fundamentalist site and one of the greatest Poes of all time, fooling Christians and atheists[1] alike. They claim to be affiliated with the non-existent Fellowship University and the Fellowship Creation Science Museum and Research Institute. It's suspected that they're actually run by or in some way affiliated with Landover Baptist Church because one of the "Objectives" on their sidebar is the shutdown of Landover Baptist. Their "Objective" pages include Project Pterosaur, which proposes an expedition to find pterosaur eggs in order to "debunk" evolution, and Mall Mission, which gives instructions on how to witness in malls and perform "emergency baptisms." They run a segment called Dawkins Watch. Their 4kidz page is fairly infamous, and Mr. Gruff the Atheist Goat is occasionally used as an icon on atheist blogs and fora.

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