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The Roman Catholic church which has been proven to be the church of Antichrist has MANY statements regarding the Bible.

Presents Of God Ministry is an online fundamentalist Christian ministry. Their theology is based on a fundamentalist (More so, anyway) version Seventh-day Adventism[2], which includes the idea that humanity has reached the Book of Revelation stage of the Bible and that current events, such as natural disasters, the election of a new Jesuit Pope and the alleged "persecution" of Christians throughout the entire world are proof of this.

The website contains roughly the same amount of content that Jesus Is Savior contains (in other words, not much) but is arguably less insane (but still pretty crazy if speaking rationally). It also endorses Young Earth Creationism, has a rather comprehensive section dedicated to 'exposing' the Catholic Church where it argues that the Catholics created Islam[3]

The ministry is King James Only[4]. They believe that salvation is achieved through faith alone in Jesus Christ, and denounce the idea of Lordship Salvation.[1]

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