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The following vlogs and other parasites of the internets were either interesting to RationalWiki editors, or posted for vanity reasons.


[edit] People we like

[edit] Sane theists

  • Epydemic2020(link): A Christian apologist whose videos revolve mostly around the moral argument for God.
  • KabaneTheChristian(link): An Eastern Orthodox vlogger. Most of his videos center around Christian apologetics and Orthodox Church history. He is a theistic evolutionist and has a channel (currently retired), called Kabane52(link) dedicated to refuting creationism.
  • RationalRoundtable(link): Christian who offers rational discussions for faith.
  • RomanMissalExegete(link): A Roman Catholic vlogger. Most of his videos deal with philosophy or explain Catholic theology.
  • Tektontv(link): Channel of apologist and cartoonist James Patrick Holding of Tektonics fame. While he can be particularly condescending to skeptics, especially ProfMTH, his videos have informative content.
  • TogetherForPeace(link): An Eastern Orthodox vlogger who describes himself as "A Christian talking with atheists & others." He originally started his channel as a means for interfaith communication between Christians and Muslims, but he later decide to communicate with atheists as well. He has (accurately) described YouTube as "The Jerry Springer Show on crack."
  • ThePuppyTurtle(link): An ex-YEC and ex-Nephilimfree fanboy, his channel's content focuses mainly on religious topics. However, he has several playlists dedicated to refuting creationism, UFO enthusiasts, and what he perceives as flawed arguments made by atheists.
  • Ukchristian28(link): A Reformed Evangelical Christian from Great Britain. The subjects of his videos vary from criticism of certain atheists, theology, to criticism of fundamentalists. He has stated that he is neutral towards the evolution/creationism debate, but considers Young Earth Creationism to be absurd.

[edit] Skeptics

  • 43alley(link): Atheist from the deeply religious southern United States who is very knowledgeable in the Bible and is the creator of the popular "An Atheist Reads the Bible" series.
  • AndromedasWake(link): A very knowledgeable atheist in the fields of cosmology and astronomy, mainly known for debunking creationist astronomy propaganda.
  • AngryWomble(link): A British geologist who has been known to be a NephilimFree repellent. Once caused Neph to ragequit in under three minutes. Notably she does not make any YouTube videos of her own although she is a regular member of SkepticTV.
  • AntiCitizenX(link): He makes some rather exhaustive refutations of common apologetic arguments, very philosophy and logic-oriented.
  • Antybu86(link): The guy who exposed the Atheist Antidote's plagiarism, and refutes various claims by conservatives and theists.
  • AronRa(link): An atheist and student of paleontology, speaks at an inhuman rate but despite the rough, angry exterior, is remarkably astute. Makes a series of science-education videos for middle-school children. Also writes at Patheos.
  • Baud2Bits(link): The guy who demolishes Ken Ham, Ray Comfort and the like; has a Holy Bible Verse By Verse series; plus numerous videos on science, history and neuroscience with a skeptical bias.
  • The Bible Reloaded(link): Their videos focus on Bible study mixed with pop culture and some humor. Better known for dramatic readings of Chick Tracks and long form movie reviews (such as God's Not Dead[1]) called Atheists watch.
  • Braxton McCoy(link): A veteran, comedian and atheist that makes funny YouTube videos in similar format to a standup routine.
  • Brett Palmer(link): The Bible Skeptic's YouTube channel, a skeptic who has made a video series explaining scientific inaccuracies in the Book of Genesis as well as other videos.
  • C0ct0pusPrime(link): An atheist vlogger, many of his videos are critical of Fox News as well as other news sources. Currently he has over 20,000 subscribers.
  • C0nc0rdance(link): A strong defender of evolution, also well known for making video series examining medical pseudoscience.
  • Cdk007(link): Well-known YouTube scientist, best known for making videos that debunk creationism and promoting science.
  • ChattiestSpike2(link): An atheist who covers topics relating to debunking creationist claims and is currently working on a digital arts degree.
  • Chris Rodda(link): A MRFF researcher who specializes in debunking the lies of David Barton.
  • CircusOfBedlam(link): A photo editor who pieces together very creative videos backed by monologues. Seeks to collaborate with other YouTubers.
  • ContraPoints(link): Commentary on atheism, science, politics, culture, and life in general from a philosophical perspective. Also some history of philosophy thrown in on occasion.
  • CoolHardLogic(link): is a very staid Brit who makes videos dissecting and demonstrating to be wrong such things as geocentrism, homeopathy, and batshit insanity.
  • CreationistCrap(link): Quite possibly the largest collection of creationist videos on YouTube.
  • csbair(link): Has many videos debunking or flat out making fun of fundamentalist creationists. Makes speaking in monotone sound awesome. Part of the BlogTV show "SkepticTV," which took part in the 12 Hour NephilimFree Science Gangbang Skype call.
  • Discovering Religion(link): A guy who has has created a series named "DiscoveringReligion" its aim is to explain the problems with religion and debunk scientific things that creationist attempt to debunk (e.g evolution). Highly recommended for its editing.
  • DonExodus2(link): An evolutionary biologist. His videos are usually geared towards showing the evidence for evolution. Has said in the past he was a Christian, although in his most recent videos, he has reexamined his faith, and declared atheism until he finds evidence of God.
  • Dprjones(link): A well respected atheist and lawyer who assisted many users, including Thunderf00t, through rough times of mass censorship by religious YouTube users.
  • Edward Current(link): An atheist playing a Stephen Colbert-type parody of fundamentalist Christians. He has also made serious videos criticizing 9/11 truthers.
  • Evid3nc3(link): Once a critic of VenomFangX, most of his videos are part of an extensive ongoing autobiographical account of his deconversion from fundamentalist Christianity.
  • EvoGenVideos(link): College student majoring in genetics. He has spent some extensive effort debunking and countering claims by race realists. Calls people 'sunshine' and 'snowflake' and makes it sound awesome.
  • ExtantDodo(link): Long videos debunking everything Kent Hovind ever dared utter. Also provided long videos debunking Ray Comfort, Janet Folger, John Pendleton, Ken Ham, and other well known creationists.
  • Feredir28(link): An atheist historian and staunch critic of creationism.
  • FSAthe1st(link): A well-known user for making videos debunking creationism and pseudoscience.
  • FundieVideoHell(link): Quite possibly the largest collection of fundamentalist videos ever assembled in one place. Run by RationalWiki user Android (YouTube user AndroidAR(link)).
  • Gary Edwards(link): Professional philosopher specializing in debunking "natural theologians", or those who engage in persuasive philosophical apologetics.
  • Grappling Ignorance(link): Makes videos on atheism and topics on life.
  • GreatBigBore(link): A morally outraged atheist best known for pointing out atrocities committed in the bible as well as his "God Needs a Quality Control Department" series, which exposes lies by theistic apologists.
  • kalsolaruk(link): British guy who makes comedy-style stand-up and animated videos pointing out biblical stupidities. Also see his kalsolaruk's "Biblical speed reading and believing competition" video on YouTube.
  • King Crocoduck(link): A fusion of classic Aron Ra, Potholer54 and Thunderf00t (that hasn't fallen off the rails) taking on more modern creationists. Speaks to intersectionality of feminism.
  • KnownNoMore(link): Norwegian atheist who makes videos on logic and epistemology.
  • Laci Green(link): An atheist/sex-positive vlogger and humorist. Her current focus is on sex education, and she's immensely popular with young teenagers. (Her earlier work is at gogreen18, her miscellaneous/artistic work is at TheLacePaste(link), and her day job is as a reporter on Discovery's DNews.)
  • lefayad1991(link): A recent out of the closet atheist who while a Christian debunked many creationist videos. A current university student double majoring in History and Political Science. Member of SkepticTV.
  • lithodidman(link): A biologist who makes many videos debunking creationist videos.
  • Logicked(link): Creator of the long running "Hello, I'm a Scientist" series and many comedy videos.
  • Martymer81(link): Physics teacher and debunker; has a series entitled Why Do People Laugh At Spirit Science.
  • Mr. Deity(link): Comedy series based on the domestic life of God.
  • Myles Power(link): Skeptic and biologist. Most videos are him debunking and criticizing conspiracy theories, alternative medicine, and bad science.
  • Netwriter(link): A Native American, Vietnam veteran, and former Christian who has knowledge about the Bible and has provided many videos examining it.
  • noelplum99(link): A British atheist who makes many videos debunking religion and promoting science.
  • NonStampCollector(link): An Australian vlogger who makes cartoons about the ridiculousness of the God of the Bible. He tends to portrays theists as uncritical buffoons.
  • paulchartley(link): British atheist also known as "Phantom Video Productions" and "The Holyghost Busters". Offers snarky refutations of fundamentalism, creationism and the Bible. Uncovered Ray Comfort's use of cue cards in his anti-abortion movie "180".
  • PaulsEgo(link): An American atheist. Reminiscent of The Amazing Atheist, but less rough. Often likes to tell stories about his past.
  • Philhellenes(link): Makes excellent videos pertaining to science and religion. His video, "Why Don'tSUBST: Scientists Fear Hell?" is recommended.
  • Potholer54(link): A British journalist with a degree in geology. His "The Universe Made Easy" series is (or rather, was, since it is now finished) very popular, and is usually highly regarded. He is also known for his debunking of creationism and global warming denial.
  • Potholer54debunks(link): Potholer54's channel dedicated to debunking pseudoscience.
  • ProfMTH(link): A university professor and atheist who creates videos debunking biblical literalism and common arguments for theism. Many of his videos also pertain to homosexuality in the Bible and in a religious context.
  • proteanview(link): A gay atheist who frequently speaks out against Zionism, as well as providing his perspective on a wider variety of other topics. Hence , his YouTube handle. Occasionally serves as a foil to Pat Condell's pro-zionism /anti-muslim immigrant videos
  • QualiaSoup(link): A debunker of theism and other fallacious belief systems.
  • Religious Antagonist(link): A provocative, irreverent, blasphemous, controversial and sacrilegious man, Mike sets to make fun of and humiliate the religions of this world.
  • Richard "The Dick" Coughlan(link): A British atheist, who enjoys shouting at his webcam against religion and racism. Also a stand-up comedian.
  • SisyphusRedeemed(link): Professional philosopher, apatheist and rationalist, his videos are very insightful and he is a terribly knowledgeable chap.
  • Somegreybloke(link): British cartoon character Graham Murkett humourously talks about current events and makes fun of cranks.
  • SoretaYuki(link): Sarcastic Welsh atheist. Smokes like a chimney. Best known for his feud with UrbanStylezMemphis, otherwise known as James Tony.
  • Spikesmth(link): An atheist who makes many outstanding videos debunking religion and pseudoscience and strongly supports reason and science.
  • Steve Shives(link): Known for his "5 stupid things" video series and his video critics on the works of famous Christian apologetics from CS Lewis's Mere Christianity to Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven Life. Social justice advocate, speaks on intersectionality, politics and critical of atheists as much as anyone else. Avid wrestling fan, posts actual good news and makes funny videos with stuffed animals.
  • The1janitor(link): Makes videos often criticizing sexism, racism, or other biases in society. While he occasionally walks on eggshells on certain issues like Gamergate or "negging" (though he does criticize the "assholes" of said issues, which is something), his overall intentions seem well, and his videos are often filled with informative and rational content.
  • TheoreticalBullshit(link): Real name Scott Clifton, he is an American actor and musician. He is also an atheist and refutes religious claims using philosophical points. His argument against the Kalam Cosmological Argument has recently come under the attention of William Lane Craig.
  • TheLivingDinosaur(link): A brilliant biochemist with a degree who makes many videos debunking creationism and anti-science videos. He is noted for his "Holy Hallucination" series, and making fun of the subjects of said videos.
  • The Thinking Atheist‬‎(link): A former Christian of 30 years who makes satirical videos of a professional quality. Also mirrors all podcasts.
  • TheTruePooka(link): An angry New York atheist and Jewish apostate. Rages against the political abuses of the moral majority and frequently instructs viewers, if they should find something upsetting, to just pet the cat.
  • TheraminTrees(link): Brother of QualiaSoup. Makes similar videos.
  • TrustingDoubt(link): Channel owned by Valerie Tarico, a psychologist and former fundamentalist. She is known for her fantastic video series explaining how God is a complete human construction.
  • TruthSurge(link): An ex-Christian atheist who makes many excellent videos on the historicity of religion and Christianity.
  • ViolentlyGraceful(link): Skeptic who makes great videos on the old testament and promoter of Documentary hypothesis.
  • WildwoodClaire(link): Native North Carolinan geologist who debunks YEC claims and provides the occasional geology-centric video.
  • XandarsMeteor(link): Creator of of the Atheist Impact series consisting of several videos of about an hour long.
  • Xoroaster(link): A well read user who exposes fallacious beliefs in the Bible and uses historical context.
  • xxxThePeachxxx(link): A beautiful and intelligent biracial atheist who uploaded many informative videos including one on the misconceptions of AIDS and Park51
  • Zinnia Jones(link): Covers LGBTQ and atheist topics. ZJ is possibly the single most prominent genderqueer vlogger on Youtube and has also joined Freethoughtblogs.com.
  • ZOMGitsCriss(link): Romanian. Most subscribers can't stop calling her "hot." Also on Freethoughtblogs.com. Is critical of Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh.[2]

[edit] Science/Education

  • Applied Science(link): Real life how to guides for science.
  • ASAP Science(link): Very basic cartoon answers to science questions plus news.
  • BAHfest(link): The festival of Bad Ad Hoc hypotheses. Hilarious fake science talks from the maker of SMBC.
  • Bite Sci-zed(link): Science news from someone who appears to be either a metalhead, a Texas longhorns fan or a Satanist/Illuminati member, possibly all three!
  • Bozeman Biology(link): High school level biology and now chemistry from a talking head.
  • The Brain Scoop(link): Dissection and natural history news with Emily, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum in Chicago. You will find yourself whistling the theme tune!
  • Brit Lab(link): Previously known as HeadsqueezeTV, a science channel run by BBC.
  • BytesizedScience(link): Bite sized science with spelling puns.
  • Cara Santa Maria(link): Science correspondent from the HuffPost
  • CGPGrey(link): The man the legend, his podcast is also great. (Actually little to no science but it is still great!)
  • Crash Course(link): Basic intros to Chemistry, Biology and Ecology (but little to no physics!) by Hank Green of the Green Vlogbrothers. Also world and US history, and literature (hosted by John Green) as well as psychology. Expanded with Anatomy and Physiology, Economics, Intellectual Property Law and Astronomy (hosted by Phil Plait).
  • Computerphile(link): Computer stuff from the University of Nottingham, makers of Periodic Videos.
  • Cool Hard Logic(link): Debunking various kinds of madness.
  • Deep Astronomy(link): astronomer Tony Darnell relays news about astronomy and astrophysics, as well as videos demonstrating events like falling into a black hole or the birth of the first stars.
  • Discovery Digital Networks(link): (formerly Revision3(link)) has several science-oriented shows on their TestTube(link) and Animalist(link) networks. (They also have a ton of technical, DIY, and geek culture material that is outside RationalWiki's scope.)
    • Animalist News(link): News and education about the animal kingdom, aimed at younger viewers. Hosted by comedians Alex Farnham and Catie Wayne.
    • Anyhoo(link): Strange and occasionally disturbing trivia presented by a rotating cast of Rev3 hosts, including YouTube musician Tay Zonday.
    • DNews(link): Science news, with hosts Trace Dominguez, Laci Green, and Tara Long.
    • Hard Science(link): Artistic, explosive, and just plain silly experiments. Think Epic Meal Time by way of the Mythbusters workshop. Hosted by Anthony Carboni and Tara Long.
    • How Stuff Works(link): Some good explanations of everyday things.
    • I Fucking Love Science(link): Hosted by Elise Andrew of Facebook fame(link); soon to be a TV show with Craig Ferguson.
    • SourceFed(link): Daily science and current events news mixed with sketch comedy, created by YouTuber Philip DeFranco.
  • Geography Now!(link): Hosted by Paul Barbato, who goes through the geography, demographics, some politics, some history, and some science of every country in the world.
  • In a Nut Shell(link):A channel dedicated to explaining, in depth, one major world event a month.
  • Its OK to be Smart(link): Science news with an arrogant name.
  • Minute Physics(link): often over a minute!
  • Numberphile(link): Maths stuff.
  • Periodic Videos(link): The periodic table with a video for every element hosted by a cartoon version of a science prof who has entered the real world!
  • PhilosophyTube(link): Fun philosophy videos about the ethics of pony porn etc
  • QI(link): Thou shalt not question Steven Fry.
  • The Royal Institution(link): Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without em!
  • Shed Science(link): Biology in a shed.
  • The Slow Mo Guys(link): Things (mostly explosions) happening in extreme slow motion. Hosted by Gavin Free of Rooster Teeth and Dan Gruchy of the British Army.
  • ScienceAlert(link):
  • Sci-Show(link): Science news by Hank Green of the Green Vlogbrothers.
  • The Great War(link): A documentary series about the First World War hosted by Indy Neidell featuring everything of note that happened 100 years earlier.
  • Tom Scott(link): Stuff you might not have known.
  • Veritasium(link): Australian physicist indulges laymen bypassers.
  • Vihart(link): Maths doodles from what Ive always assumed is a disembodied talking hand.
  • Vsauce(link): Created and hosted by Michael Stevens, and the flagship channel of a network of four channels focusing on science and geek culture.
  • When the Apple Drops(link): Physics explained with bad puns and tea.

[edit] People we don't

[edit] Creationists and fundies

  • Brad Harrub(link): A Ph.D. 'scientist' who only does videos on Christian apologetics, creationism, and homophobia. His channel appears to be inactive.
  • Cseministry(link): Kent Hovind's ministry (now run by his less than stellar son Eric).
  • creationtoday(link): The reboot of Cseministry, run by Eric Hovind.
  • Eye2EyeIIIV(link): A YEC and a supporter of Kent Hovind and pseudoscience.
  • CreationScience(link): YEC who, albeit having good quality videos, debates in the comment section with an annoying arrogant tone. Is famous for using the "it's possible, though because I believe it, it's true" argument in many of his videos. Has been featured on Potholer54's Golden Crocoduck competition. Formerly known as jesse8857
  • GEERUP(link): Also an shill for alternative medicine, and heir to the VenomFangX channel.
  • Geronami(link): A fundamentalist Christian preacher named KJ Paul. He is a physician originally from Hyderabad yet he disregards evolution as nothing but "the devils work". He's made videos vehemently criticizing Eastern religions (especially Hinduism), Atheism, and American left-wing policics while giving his support to the American religious rights. He's a brown-skinned Jerry Falwell!
  • G Man(link): An obnoxious man child who defends biblical slavery. Doesn't believe starving children Christians exist.[3]
  • Heavyduty3737(link): User:conservative of conservapedia fame.
  • James Lyman (as ExposingTheCults(link)): He is an extremely sexist, homophobic, bigoted street preacher. His videos typically consist of him screaming and ranting at pedestrians, pissing them off in the process. While most of his content involve him bashing other religions, homosexuals, and females; he has also made bizarre videos criticizing Avatar Toys, Family Guy, Veggietales, and dirty cars.
  • Jezuzfreek777(link): A rather dull, boring creationist who has defended slavery and rape, yet has a rare quality not found in other creationists: belief in free speech.
  • James Morre (as THENEWJMONEY507(link)): Makes hell threats on other videos.
  • Joshua Feuerstein(link): Paul Blart look-a-like with a serious case of Vertical Video Syndrome. Fails horribly (and often times humorously) to legitimately challenge scientific theories and logical arguments against the existence of God from his car.
  • mysticalforest(link): A heavy right-wing religious conservative YEC who bashes evolution, science, non-Christians, or anyone who leans any other way. Out of touch with reality and believes Fox News is the most reliable news source.
  • NephilimFree(link): A YEC Christian who likes the sound of his own voice, and has posted a large number of videos. He always wears headphones, either for that "finger on the pulse" look, or for going "lalala I can't hear you"? "I hope you find something interesting here," he says. He is even a geocentrist. His general creepiness (and his comments about stoning children) have given him the informal nickname of "PedophilimFail."
  • PPSIMMONS(link): A group of YEC Christians who makes many videos attacking evolution and promoting intelligent design. They repeat old creationist arguments and search for any scientific article that mentions "design" in any form to conclude that scientists do recognize design in nature, and thus must require an intelligent designer.
  • Shockofgod(link): YEC and best internet friend of Conservapedia's Conservative. Makes videos by pointing his webcam at the computer screen creating hideous aliasing. Has ignored repeated requests and beggings to download Capture Fox. Never has anything original to say. His videos mostly consist of him reading Conservapedia pages and giggling to himself, sometimes on his motorcycle in order to compensate for his.
  • TheAtheistAntidote(link): A Christian YEC, apologist, and exposed plagiarist.
  • VenomFangX(link): Barely sane young man who apparently retired from YouTube when his mom and dad discovered his illegal and morally dubious charity drive. As September 2013, he seems to endorse AIG's 3D movie Genesis [4]. He has posted a Youtube movie in which he and Eric Hovind interview Ray Comfort on his movie GodvsEvolution.[5]
  • MegaSage007(link): A YEC Geocentrist youtuber that insists on atheism being a faith, having no morals, and being self refuting. Dismisses science off-hand with the fervor of an egotistical layman. Claims to have found Jesus a few decades ago, and apparently hasn't bought a razor since that time.
  • Alan Clifford (as ACClifford1(link)): Has a degree of novelty value as one of the relatively few fundie Christians in the UK. But that's where his novelty ends.
  • TheInterlang (Langdon Parks)(link): A vlogger who makes videos about how evolution is a lie, homosexuality isn't real love, dubstep will make us go deaf, and transgender people are counterfeit. His earlier videos show him wearing a fedora and sunglasses. He is known for his weird facial expressions, his reliance on biased websites, and his monotone voice. He also admits he used to think he was a bisexual.
  • Truthislife7 (as truthislife7(link)): Blatant lies in a nutshell. Galileo was a myth, The Bible says the Earth was round, and we're... misrepresenting Pascal's Wager... Just because we're not quoting his entire pensees book...
  • TruthShock TV(link): All about how the government is the satanic, Illuminati NWO that will usher in the biblical end times.
  • Tom Wattkins (as Bride In the Wilderness(link): The end is here! Apparently Thinks the 144,000 will see his obscure Youtube Video. At least he doesn't think Obama is the Antichrist.
  • Wild Bill for America(link): A teabagger known for his rhetorical rants against homosexuality, abortion, Islam and atheists. Intends to bring back the "Biblical principles that were the key of our founding fathers".

[edit] Head-scratching conservatives

  • Drinkingwithbob(link): Queens, NY-based crack addicted comedian Bob Thompson does political and cultural commentary, usually taking Fox News/Rush Limbaugh/WorldNetDaily/other wingnut talking points at face value while acting like he's talking politics at the bar: [6] e.g. "Obama is a socialist", "the government is broke,"[7] "the illegals are invading,"[8] in a ranting, fast-talking, outraged manner ending with "What's next? What's next?" and five seconds of cool-off silence. Thompson has done commentary on the KNBC program The Filter[9][10] and even the RT network.[11]
  • Julie Borowski (AKA Token Libertarian Girl)(link): Paulbot who wants to "End the Fed" and return to the gold standard. Has declared healthcare, along with education, to not be a right, but instead a "good", and has compared universal healthcare to slavery.[12] Believes women aren't libertarian because they've been duped by the "liberal media".[13]
  • HowTheWorldWorks(link): Rabid libertarian, anti-environmentalist and (former) climate denier, has a bad habit of being monotone when reading from a script (usually when he's staring into the camera). Has been criticized for not only blocking people who have different opinions, but he "allegedly" used sock accounts. Has stated his main goal on YouTube is profit.
  • Jason Mattera(link): Former activist for Young America's Foundation and author of Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation. In 2010, he became editor of Human Events magazine at age 27. As the Human Events editor, he hosted a satirical clip mocking Kwanzaa as a "crackpot holiday."[14] In addition, he has also done ambush interviews at Capitol Hill, basically throwing right-wing talking points at Democratic members of Congress.[15] One in which he complained to Senator Al Franken about a provision in the health care reform bill spending seven billion dollars for jungle gyms got him much negative attention.[16] Mattera's video where he confronted White House press secretary Robert Gibbs "if he ever feels dirty defending this administration's lies and deception" also has had a bad reception on YouTube.[17]
  • KassieDill (as LibertyChickLive(link): An anti-feminist Christian. She is best known on YouTube for a surprising lack of common sense, weird comments, and ridiculous personal beliefs.
  • PropagandaBuster(link): An elderly, and extremely conservative, Catholic man. Known mostly as an object of mockery for his political beliefs, and commentary on things he doesn't understand (he once expressed uncertainty as to whether the BNP were actually racist, or if it was merely a left-wing smear.). However, most of this seems to come from general ignorance, rather than malice, and for the most part he's an affable-enough old man.
  • RadioEqualizer(link): A project of former Seattle talk radio host Brian Maloney, who also blogs at radioequalizer.blogspot.com. Controversially, KIRO-AM canceled Maloney's Sunday talk show during NFL season as the station broadcast Seattle Seahawks games, but Maloney and his supporters claim it was a politically-motivated move.[18] He posts video clips from liberal talk radio shows in a criticizing manner in response to liberal criticisms of conservative talk radio.
  • RamZPaul(link): Politically incorrect commentator who claims to use satire in his work.[19] However, his YouTube channel is a light-hearted trap into the white nationalist viewpoint. He has criticized so-called "white liberals" who do not consciously hold his view that black people are more likely to be criminals than white people and has considered the viewpoint criticizing white privilege "cultural Marxism".[20] He also blew out of proportion a story about a Massachusetts school naming the day before St. Patrick's Day "O'Green Day".[21]
  • Steven Crowder(link): A conservative "comedian." While his humor can be quite funny at times, some of his videos regarding American history and politics are very bizarre. He has made factually incorrect videos about the origins of the peace symbol and the education system in America, [22][23] and, as any good Christian should be, he also is against same-sex marriage. While he has cited religion in his arguments against the ACLU, Crowder did use secular reasoning and arguments in his argument against Gay Marriage, albeit bad ones.[24] He is the definition of smarmy. Oh, and he used to play the cartoon character Brain on the show Arthur.
  • Terry Hurlbut(link): He is of Conservative News and Views "fame." His videos are primarily Tea Party and birther related.
  • Jace Connors(link): Not only is he the Internet's most outspoken mall ninja (he claims to be a "retired Marine" despite it being blatantly obvious he's never seen any combat and purports to be the commander of an armed militia consisting mainly of his idiot friends), he also believes Obama is openly a Muslim and runs a regular segment called "Fact Zone" on his weekly livestream show in which he discusses the evils of Islam, feminism, Obamacare, and homosexuality, among other things. In what should surprise absolutely no one, none of his followers and callers take him seriously, instead preferring to troll him. Or at least that was what everyone thought. As one of GamerGate's most unhinged promoters, "Connors" openly threatened target Brianna Wu over a period of several months, eventually being revealed as comedian Jan Rankowski, a member of the sketch/provocateur group Million Dollar Extreme, leading to absolutely everyone on both sides hating him.
  • Wild Bill for America(link): True American Patriot Neoconservative wannabe cowboy. Everything wrong with the American right-wing. A Tea partier, christian fundamentalist, homophobe (believes homosexuality is perversion), islamaphobe, gun nut...whatever else of that nature you can think of he is most likely for it as he is very much the caricature of the stereotypical Republican. In fact, he could very much be considered a comedian for his videos that he makes about liberals/Democrats, "unmanly men", Obama, Hillary Clinton, Atheists, Hollywood etc. supported by some very bizarre rhetoric. In his most popular video "Secret Service Secrets" he tells us of some stuff that he learned from his supposed friends in the Secret Service (who are not very good at their jobs). George W. Bush is described as "intelligent and disciplined" while Michelle Obama is apparently a "hardcore racist". [25]Basically, Republicans = GOOD Democrats = BAD. He will, however, occasionally attack Conservatives, typically Libertarians who oppose his more authoritarian views. The most common targets are Ron Paul and Alex Jones.

[edit] General headscratchers

  • Amaqula(link): Islamo-paranoid, Pro-Catholic wingnut that's too much of a Thomas Woods fan for her own good. Spouts claims such as (but not limited to): that "Secular Society" will fall to Islamification due to a "Decreasing Demographic," that contraception usage is genocide, that the Knights Templar should be brought back and other assorted cookery.
It all boils down to one thing though: in her mind, Europe needs to return to the days of being under a CATHOLIC STATE (in all caps, just as shown.), which she claims is not a theocracy , just that the Pope/Vatican would have the final say in "Moral Matters" (er, what do we call this again? Oh right... A theocracy) . Known for posting her rather boring and uninspiring videos as video responses to more popular videos (most of which have little to do with religion or politics at all) in a very thinly veiled attempt to leach off the popularity of the video's she's "responding" to. Also suspected of using a sockpuppet account called MsCATHOLICSTATE. Thankfully these users are extremely disliked by YouTube in general, as even most Catholics don't want anything to do with either of them. Would be passed off as a simple YouTube troll, but has been known to comment on other sites in order to spout the same message.
  • Brett Keane(link): One of the first notable YouTube atheists. However, he has a history of malicious behavior on YouTube, consisting of getting banned for doc-dropping, plagiarizing a poem, contradicting himself about beating his wife, and filing false DMCAs against users who are critical of him. And now claims to be a Christian.
  • Calpurnpiso(link): A batshit crazy antitheist. He claims that religion is a mental disorder and refers to Christianity as "Christ-Psychosis." He may be one of the few examples of a reverse poe.
  • Guitaoist(channel link): An astrologer who makes videos that are enthusiastic of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, while twisting in astrological, spiritual, psychic, and in general pseudoscientific and pseudophilosophical views to Nietzsche. The majority of his videos are intellectually dishonest. He also talks about Emerson, Joyce, and Jung. He blocks people who criticize and disagree with him.
  • Heyruka(link): Conservative (generally) vlogger who has taken up the mantle of race realism. Also has a slight tendency to NOT read the sources she references, leading to lulz.
  • PsycheTruth(link): A 'health' channel full of New Age crap and alternative medicine.
  • Truthloader(link): A channel bringing investigative and citizen journalism together that's run by British media group ITN. But as its stated goal is also to cover things the media either ignore or don't touch, it also covers quite a good deal of conspiracy theories and fringe woo. The resulting can come across like a hipper, diluted version of RT, where legitimate news clashes with both amateur journalist fodder and features involving UFOs, Alex Jones, etc.
  • WorthlessLoser8(link): Formerly variablast, but that channel was turned into a community channel (and was later deleted by his ex-girlfriend), shared with a number of other users, and Niggeritarian (a channel that was suspended). White man who a while back decided to take a stand for "name freedom" (the right to change your name to absolutely anything, as part of your free speech) by changing his legal name to "Mister Radical Fuckcensorship Supernigger Nigger." He later expanded this into a campaign to reclaim the word "nigger" by redefining it to mean both (as a noun) "human" and (as a verb) "to reclaim a word," believing that doing so would help to reduce racial tensions. While actually fairly intelligent,Do You Believe That? he seems to be willing to put far more effort into such an activity than its actually worth, and has succeeded largely in alienating a huge number of people who were previously his fans.
  • William Tapley(link): Either he is a batshit insane purveyor of some of the furthest-out-there claims regarding eschatology and prophecy or he is a brilliant parodist of the same who has convinced a lot of viewers that he really believes this bullshit. His video series is titled Revelation Unraveled. In these videos, he stands in front of a green screen showing various bucolic scenes and delivers some of the most head-scratching analogies regarding modern events that you will ever hear. His appearance is quite striking: white hair and whiskers; an assortment of Cardigan sweaters; and a fuckin' big gold crucifix around his neck. It all makes him look like one of those Catholic priests who tries to look like Santa Claus so that little Johnny and/or Janey will be more willing to follow him into the rectory for a "treat." Also calls himself "The Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" and "The Co-Prophet of the End Times." Has a remarkable knack for spotting phallic symbols supposedly hidden everywhere by the forces of Satan.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos: A Breitbart reporter who gained notoriety for jumping on the Gamergate bandwagon, Milo is perhaps the most recognizable internet celebrity aligned with the hash tag movement. He is incredibly provocative, taking part in a witch hunt on Sarah Nyberg, considering gays to be "the master race" (to Dave Rubin) while simultaneously saying that he wishes he was straight (to Joe Rogan), saying the wage gap is a myth, calling atheists to be thin-skinned and "easy to wind up," dismissing the idea that atheists are a discriminated minority in America, writing about how "violent" gamers were the day before he discovered Gamergate, he doesn't think that there are any oppressed classes in America (apart from blacks), loving Donald Trump, saying the left wing wants to legalize pedophilia... he's the perfect caricature ripe for a RationalWiki article.

[edit] Conspiracy theorists

  • DAHBOO77(link): A gun nut exposing the truth about the NWO, impending martial law, failing border, etc.
  • The Forerunner Chronicles(link): Christopher Hudson is a "guerrilla filmmaker" and self proclaimed Seventh-day Adventist "pastor" (despite having no ministerial credentials whatsoever) based out of New York. Clearly influenced by fellow SDA conspiracy theorist/creationist Walter Veith (although with a much bigger emphasis on the conspiracy theory part). Some of Hudson’s greatest hits: accusing rapper Jay-Z of being a devil-worshipping Freemason, denouncing Oprah Winfrey as a disciple of Satan, accusing Obama of attempting to turn America gay, declaring masturbation a sin that causes mental illness and calling superstorm Sandy a harbinger of cannibalism. Notorious for blocking any and all remotely critical comments, stifling honest questions and debates among viewers in his video threads and for his highly aggressive, loud, authoritative manner of speaking. Routinely begs for money from his subscribers and unfortunately has plenty of churches willing to support his "ministry". Made national news as the creepy, predatory "spiritual advisor" to young actor Angus Jones, who converted to Adventism after watching his videos.
  • FullSpectrumSurvival(link): A survivalist how-to guide for the apocalypse.
  • Gorilla199(link): A British conspiracy theorist and Christian. He claims that the world is controlled by shape-shifting aliens and Freemasons. He is known to block anybody who posts comments that criticise his videos, claiming that they worship "The Beast." He is basically Nephilimfree and David Icke combined into one person. Also engaged in anti-relativity bullshitery.(link)
  • Jarrah White(link): The (self-proclaimed?) "Grandson of the Apollo Hoax Theory ;" among his most recent stunts is ambushing Phil Plait and Adam Savage with a concealed camera at TAM8.
  • Mark Passio(link): A conspiracy theorist who talks about the occult, UFOs and the evil Federal Reserve
  • MoonlightOwl70(link): "I don't follow conspiracy "theories" I only use [sic] facts. People need to wake up." These "facts" are just hand signs, symbols and long-refuted "evidence", turns out.
  • Michelle Hopkins(link): Makes a lot of videos ranting about HAARP and Chemtrails. Thinks chemtrails have blood and can land on cars. Oh and, in some videos, her description for those videos are LONG and full of Youtube links to other Conspiracy Themed videos. Of course, to some people she's a govt. paid shill. Not even Conspiracy Theorists can trust each other.
  • Revelations Network(link): Every conspiracy Theory under the sun. Law of Exclamation applies. Apparently run by a man who calls himself "Brother Jessie"
  • RICK THORNE(link): Yeah... You're brain will melt when you go on his channel. Speeches out of context, "CAPS LOCK BECAUSE I AM A [sic] DISABLED VIETNAM WAR VET" and hundreds of videos of crazy. Pretty funny actually.
  • SGTReport(link): A channel with every conspiracy theory you could think of.
  • SkidRowRadio(link): Formally known as oojamaflipper, this user is typically anti-western in his theories. Recent videos have included doubt at the death of Osama Bin Laden, with the theory that Osama was killed in 2001 and "put on ice" in order to boost poll ratings for an american president. He has also expressed the thought that the Fukushima nuclear incident has been covered up by the US and Japanese governments and is actually far more dangerous than they are willing to admit. SkidRowRadio also engages in the more common "Iraq and Afghanistan was for oil" conspiracy, ignoring what has been pointed out many times by many people: Afghanistan contains no oil (he has attempted to justify this by saying that the war in Afghanistan is not about oil in Afghanistan, but a plan to build a pipe-line through the country).
  • StormCloudsGathering(link): A channel about what you aren't being told and how global financial collapse and the start of WW3 are imminent.
  • TruthNeverTold(link): Wake up sheeple, the financial market is going to crash any moment now so buy gold now before the NWO ban it!

[edit] Could be either, could be both

[edit] Political commentary

  • LiberalViewer(link): Rabid liberal, and arguably one of the most popular political vloggers. Best known for covering Fox News' bias (which is featured as a playlist on his channel). He has batted for the other side, such as telling people to e-mail The Daily Show about releasing a full interview with a man who accused them of quote-mining him. Off-YouTube his real name is Allen and he's an ACLU lawyer.
  • Peter Sinclair(link): A graphic designer who vlogs under the name "greenman3610" on his channel called "Climate Denial Crock of the Week." Covers global warming and its denial, clean energy, and the politics surrounding them. Also has a blog by the same name.
  • Davis M.J. Aurini(link): (Possibly) Alcoholic Canadian third-positionist vlogger and Sci-Fi novelist who's views on race and gender steer pretty close to Eugenics territory. Like pretty much every far right vlogger, he has delusions of being a philosopher. His videos mostly consist of him sitting around regurgitating things he reads off Wikipedia or some other site with slight changes in verbal format and tuned up to his favor, but he acts very classy in the process, so he can't be wrong. Does get some points for prior service in the Royal Canadian Army (who are famous for their leet hand-to-hand combat skillz) and the fact that he doesn't flail his arms about and act like a total psycho (in contrast to most in the far-right vlogosphere), but that's probably because he's smoking cigars and drinking scotch in nearly every video he's in. Has a blog called Stares at the world.
  • The Young Turks(link): Internet talk show covering politics (from a liberal POV) and popular culture, with a mix of serious coverage of current events and some more light-hearted/soft human interest items. This show was among the inaugural programs on Sirius Satellite Radio and has been hosted by Cenk Uygur (formerly an MSNBC host) since 2002 with several co-hosts.
  • China Uncensored(link): Chris Chappell criticises the bad, ugly and downright insane practices of the Chinese Communist Party.

[edit] Controversial secularists

  • TheAmazingAtheist(link): Makes videos on religion, politics, media and other topics. Used to be a jerk, but has mellowed out. Still a jerk with some nasty stupidity issues and rape apology.
  • Asalieri(link): Compared a pro-transgender webcomic to those done by PETA, thinks that transgenders who speak up about their identities are attention seekers.
  • Angie The Antitheist(link): An antitheist blogger who caused a stir by filming her RU-486 induced abortion and posting a video of it to YouTube. For this stunt, she got to go on CNN.
  • Atheism-is-Unstoppable(link): AKA Devon Tracey. Narcissistic, islamophobic neo-atheist with borderline misogynist (who uses female models as background material for his videos) and white supremacist leanings (who defends police brutality). Your typical butthurt anti-progressive (in the same zone as Pat Condell), who makes extremely long videos picking apart videos of people who he perceives to be too progressive, although they largely just consist of ad-hominem attacks. Also, for some bizarre reason tends to use a picture of one of his favourite musicians, Kurt Cobain (a well known leftist) while criticizing people who would have the same views. Often blocks those who criticize him, proving that his support for free speech is only a one way street
  • Armoured Skeptic(link): His main body of work consists of rebuttals to creationist, Christian arguments videos by his character (a guy in a modern suit and a knight helmet) and seems to consist of pure snark, minus citations, in monotone (which he uses on everything from the standard creationist crap, to really crappy movies, and his friends' inability to identify the Millennium Falcon from the U.S.S. Enterprise). He is noted for his interest in medieval history and knightliness and his rejection of groupthink or identity politics. The controversial part only comes when he discusses, albeit briefly, about culture wars: he calls himself "neutral" towards Gamergate, though he believes the movement genuinely started as a response to gaming ethics (which ruffles feathers on just about every side). Doesn't like RW very much, questions its name.[26][27]
  • BionicDance(link): Rabid-and-screaming (of the same two arguments for 638 videos) lesbian atheist of DOOM! Animator, skeptic, advocate of reason. Also a well-known blocker, who assumes all criticism is simply trolling and often swears excessively at her opponents, including many atheists. Among other things she's gone into the comments section of a harmless parody video to accuse the maker of trying to start drama for subs,[28] and has said that people who choose to identify as "agnostic" are cowards.[29] Her commentary on religions often shows a fairly shallow understanding of the beliefs of the people she's criticizing (she once suggested that the phrase "til death do us part" indicated a lack of thought on the part of Christians, since they believed in life after death. She was apparently unaware that the book of Matthew explicitly states that after the resurrection formerly married couples would be "like angels," thus invalidating marriage contracts). Has recently become an infrequent co-host/guest on the radio show Ask an Atheist.
  • calpurnpiso(link): Possibly an atheist, or possibly a reverse-Poe. He insists that all religious people suffer from psychosis, and refers to atheists as "mentally healthy" (apparently unaware that mental illness can occur in atheists). Most of his videos are incoherent rants, with countless bizarre tangents. Strangely, he seems to show almost no compassion to the "psychotics," frequently calling them "stupid," "morons," and "imbeciles."
  • Darkmatter2525(link): Creates videos, mostly animations, poking fun at fundamentalist religious views. Has another channel at DarkAntics(link) which has very good videos debunking fallacious theist claims. Has at many times criticized feminism, including comparing feminists to radical Muslims.[30]
  • Dusty Smith(link): Atheist who appears to have a bit of an ego problem and is a bit of a jerk, although it's very likely this is all just an act. Cannot go 10 seconds without swearing.
  • Jaclyn Glenn(link): Female Atheist and MRA apologist who has multiple times criticized Feminism. Jumped on the Elliot Rodger "mental illness" bandwagon. Is also buddy-buddy with TheAmazingAtheist.
  • MundaneMatt(link): 2edgy4me Pro-GamerGater and misogynist. Made an entire video dedicated to Confederate Flag-apology.
  • Natetalkstoyou(link): Victim blamed and tried to downplay sexual assault.
  • Pat Condell(link): British vlogger with a particular emphasis on anti-Islam commentary regurgitating whatever utter tripe the Daily Mail has fed him, sometimes to the point of bigotry. He doesn't like the European Union and once spoke favorably of the racist, far-right UK Independence Party because they also oppose it.
  • Sargon of Akkad(link): A similar fan of history as Armoured Skeptic above, his body of work includes criticism of political correctness, discussion videos of historical ruins/cities/figures, criticism of the social justice movement and its alleged ties to academia, and evisceration of general stupidity immortalized by his "This Week In Stupid" series. He is very critical of the current political system in the U.K. and the U.S., opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and made two videos eviscerating the British Conservative Party. His generally center-left politics are overshadowed by his passionate hostility to feminism. Pro-Gamergate (to the point of not believing that at least some members of the hash tag movement were taking part in online harassment), alleged to have blamed a girl's suicide on feminism, used mental gymnastics to ignore Elliot Rodger's misogyny, and claims "feminist cultists" and feminism in general is responsible for misogyny.
  • Thunderf00t(link): Came to prominence for making his series "Why do People Laugh at Creationists?" as well as his intractable defense of free speech. He knows a lot about chemistry and biochemistry specifically, but almost nothing about the Bible.[citation needed] Has been frequently been the target of false DMCAs, and his anti-Islamic views have somehow ironically provoked controversy. Unfortunately, he also got thrown off of Freethoughtblogs.com within two weeks of his first post for defending sexism and causing back-channel drama. Has devoted most of his post-FTB time to manufacturing more controversy by waging his own personal war against feminism despite refusing to educate himself in the least about the subject (tl;dr: outed himself as a hypocrite). Has a strange relationship with the word consent.[citation needed]
  • TL;DR(link): Tries to justify slut-shaming, denies Laci Green's sexual assault story.
  • Vernaculis(link): Recognized by his voodoo doll head avatar, he is an aspiring journalist who spends most of his time criticizing the media and "dangerous ideologies," and is of the same anti-progressive bent as Sargon of Akkad (who endorsed him) above. His arguments, however, are best described as "appeal to ridicule," in that he presents the opposing viewpoint in such a way that makes the viewpoint ridiculous, usually by misrepresenting or exaggerating the argument and making his opponents out to be disingenuous manipulators. He consistently expresses an outright denial of research that opposes his viewpoints (such as the wage gap, workplace discrimination, or gun control), he quite literally goes TL;DR for studies that contradict his views, and he frequently contradicts himself in his own videos (saying it is "arrogant" to presume that anyone votes incorrectly, while also saying that it is "unintelligent" to vote for a woman based on her gender, in the same video). One of the newer anti-progressives on the block, he is fervently anti-feminist (believing that it is authoritarianism on the level of George Orwell's 1984), he dabbles in mild transphobia, and he holds Gamergate to be an example of good journalism. He denies or downplays systematic discrimination in Congress, politics, and the workplace, defended the cops who murdered Eric Garner, once implied that the election of Barack Obama is a sign of a post-racial society, and defended the Confederate Flag by denying that it is a symbol of racism or treason.
  • fringeelements(link): Said this: "Whites, by far, are the least racist people on the planet as well. This doesn’t have to do with implicit or brain-stem racism. If a black man is standing behind me, I am more concerned than if a white man is, and that’s an entirely rational way to feel. Anyone who says that’s “wrong” is telling you to put human-creationist insanity above your own safety."[31] Enough said. A notable moment in his Youtube career being his asswhopping in a debate over Genetics, Race, and Intelligence by theskepticalheretic.[32][33][34][35][36]
  • Martin J. Willett(link): Rotund racist conservative, trying to act like the new Pat Condell. Except he's somehow found a way of making even more boring videos and he's known for kissing the backside of white nationalists such as HeyRuka but he's so not a racist because he keeps insisting in a hissy voice that he isn't and therefore it must be true.
  • Shane Killian(link): A holdover from the early days of YouTube atheism. His original Bogosity series focused on debunking your typical targets of skepticism; moon landing hoaxes, creationism, etc. In later years his focus has shifted from general skepticism to promoting extreme libertarianism. He's come out in support of GamerGate on numerous occasions (despite admissions that he doesn't fully understand it), and has uploaded an epic 40 minute long video mansplaining feminism. Tends to call people who disagree with him in the comments LIARS in all caps.

[edit] Footnotes

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