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Saga is a Swedish singer known for her white power numbers. She was at one point a member of the band Symphony of Sorrow.

Between 2000 and 2001 she released three albums covering numerous numbers by the British neo-Nazi punks Skrewdriver. "Ian Stuart was the leader singer and his determination to sing about what he believed in despite the hateful opposition and the corporate music industry which wouldn't play his music unless it fit their agenda [sic]", she says.[1]

She has described Rudolf Hess as "[a] true hero and martyr for our people. If I ever feel depressed over my situation I always compare to his sacrifices and then I always feel better cause I know that he took all those year for me and our folk." "Political systems and such things can change and can be fixed, but if our people dies it is gone forever", she says. "And that would mean that natures finest creation would be wiped out, wiped out forever."[2]

Following accusations that her music influenced Anders Behring Breivik, whose manifesto praised her as "the best and most talented patriotic musician in the English speaking world" and quoted lyrics from her songs,[3] she wrote that "[m]y music is conceived to be a positive step towards celebrating our identity... I have never sought to encourage or promote violence and I never shall. My thoughts are with the Norwegian people at this time and my heart goes out to all those affected by this hideous and utterly pointless atrocity."[4]

"[S]he is all about increased birthrates of European children", comments an anonymous coward at the Godlike Productions forum.[5]

There's a Canadian prog-rock band using the same name, but playing a lot better (and not racist) music [6].

Not to be confused with the British holiday company specialising in holidays for old people, whose name (contrary to popular opinion) stands for neither "Send A Granny Abroad" nor "Sex And Games for the Aged".

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